Argh! Annoying Lecturer of Death!

I have a really bloody annoying lecturer. She’s the type of feminist that gives all the others a bad name; picture the most sterotypical, over-the-top feminist you can imagine. That’s her.

This is not what i’m pitting.

Now, while she’s a good lecturer (I do learn things in them) she has, I think it’s safe to say, a certain chip on her shoulder about men. She liberally sprinkles a few “The Man oppresses womanhood, and has done for centuries! What are you going to do about it!!” into all her lectures.

This is not what i’m pitting.

Every lecture, however, she has a habit of picking out a guy in the first few rows (although sometimes she’s walked up the hall to talk to “the cowardly men at the back”) and had a go at him. For being male. It’ll be literally things like “So, what do you think about this? What have you personally done? Because if you don’t personally turn up to picket places where women don’t recieve equal pay, you’re part of the problem, you stupid male!” (Yes, she will call people, personally, stupid). All the while the guy keeps sinking into his seat in embarrassment. And she’ll keep going on at this one person for about ten minutes- longer if they try to debate the point; “But I do think men and women are equal” “Of course you do, now i’ve told you they are. Honestly, men just can’t think for themselves”. Evil and grating.

Even her making a general view into a vindictive attack on one guy is not what i’m pitting, annoying and evil though it is.

What am I pitting? Her total logical disconnection.

She’s a lesbian. Fine by me, I have nothing against homosexuals. She’s very active in the field of gay rights ( she runs a local gay rights group ). Again, fine by me. Her main view on this (she gives out leaflets sometimes after lectures, which I’m pretty sure she writes herself. Very professional looking, though.) is that, while lesbians are a minority in society, we should not ignore their wants though there are less of them. Again, this makes sense to me (although it seems a bit strange that she makes out that all gay people have the same needs or views with regards to society).

However, she’s apperently not very tolerant of lesbian mothers. Whether they’ve adopted, or had a child through surrogacy, or a child from a previous relationship, she despises these people. Apperently, by procreating (yes, i’m not sure how adoption counts as procreating) they’re missing the entire point about lesbianism. Such is her belief in the “betrayal” of these beliefs (her words, and again, she seems to think all gay people agree with her) that she boasts that she regularily ignores any letters from them, won’t let them in “her” group, and if she sees a lesbian couple with a child in public she’ll ignore them completely.

So, let me sum up here; She believes that lesbians, while a minority of general society, should still have their rights and wants catered to by the government and by society. Alright.

But she believes that lesbian parents, as a minority of lesbian society, should not have their rights and wants catered to by her group.

Is this the blatant hypocrisy that it seems to be to me?

Wow. She sounds like a total bitch.

Especially since she’s teaching physics. :slight_smile:

When I was in college, professors like that would have a reputation. Upon hearing of the reputation, folks like me would avoid the class. Doesn’t that happen nowadays?

Hell, if this had been my university, the Student Council would have organized a boycott of her class, and forced a hearing in front of the school’s disciplinary commitee.

If she’s really doing the stuff you say, then she’s probably violating a bunch of university guidelines about faculty-student interactions, and is acting very unprofessionally.

So, might i suggest that rather than (or in addition to) whining about her on this message board, you and/or some of your fellow-students lodge a complaint with the appropriate authorities.

I’m kind of bemused by the idea that any sexual preference has a “point” other than sexual preference.

If what you say about her behavior is accurate, there are more than 5 actionable items that the Student Council, Administration, or others may take against her. If all you do is sit there, then she will never change. Complain to the authorities, write letters to the newspaper, whatever…make the general public aware of what she is doing in class.

As for her personal actions…hypocrite about sums it up.

How does she get away with this? As Alessan said, the school’s disciplinary committee should be notified. Has anyone ever asked her what sexual preference has to do with the desire/ability to be a parent?

Dude, quit being such a…Man! Stop the oppression!

I do apologize for my gender. Time to sign up for Sensitivity Training. :smiley:

How does she treat non-lesbians who have kids? Maybe she just hates kids.

Of course, if that’s the case, her pronouncement that lesbian parents miss the point of lesbianism is just a big ol’ non-sequiter.

So, answer me this.

Is she fuckable? Cause then, ya know, I’d put up with her shit.

It doesn’t really work like that here…She’s a social studies professor generally, but she also teaches my Gender and Culture Studies module for Psychology. I could switch off that module, but i’d have to pick up something else, and nothing else is really that interesting to me. Plus, like I said, she is a very good lecturer - the pass stats for courses she teaches are very, very high.

She’s been brought up before, the results of which have generally been a slap on the wrist because in the Uni’s opinion, she’s an excellent teacher. She’s definetly well thought of in her field of work, anyway; I think they’re just willing to make an exception because of that.


She’s not very appreciative of straight women, either. Apperently the continuance of the human race is a tiny issue compared to the struggle to fight the oppressive male dominators :rolleyes:

As it happens, yes. She’s insanely gorgeous. Ironically this means I have her shrieking at the front of the hall, and the jocks at the back making smart alec comments too :smack:

Sounds like she’s missing the entire point about lesbianism.

Now that is comedy gold!

Tell her: I may look like a man, but you are just stereotyping me. I’m a straight woman who likes to dress like a man, and I don’t by into that plucking my facial hair stuff. Don’t oppress this sister just because I don’t conform to your frilly, girly stereotype of what woman look and act like. Look, I’d drop my drawers here and now and prove I’m a woman, but that would be a violation of exposure laws!

Then, point to a nearby woman: That there is a gay man pretending to be a woman: he is a transvestite, trying to pretend to be one of us oppressed sisters to get sympathy. Why don’t you do your verbal abuse schtick on him?

I’ve gotta admit my BS-o-meter is going off a little but re your description. Assuming what you say is fact, if, in 2005, a professor or lecturer is actually calling people “stupid” as a matter of course in debate, I don’t really see any college administration allowing that to continue.

As to the notion of being harangued are there no intelligent men with a spine in your class capable of making a powerful rhetorical counter argument? To be frank you (assuming your description is accurate), sound like a bunch of ignorant, sniveling pussies willing to take a rhetorical beat down.

Sadly, yes. Unlike what would happen in a film, where one lone voice of reason rings out, bringing the foolish professor to task for their insane-ness…we’re all too cowardly. :stuck_out_tongue:

Or she makes up for her nastiness by being an easy grader.
Truly, your class sounds like a bunch o’ wimps. Debate, harangue, let fly with the blinding light of your reason. Then if she flunks you, the admin can get out the disciplinary whips and chains.