ARGH! Help me Get Rid of This Crap!

My Internet Explorer, I mean…

I’m not a super-techie, but can navigate around my laptop pretty well.

Is there a way to uninstall IE from my laptop without completely screwing it up? I have been told a few different things, but nothing definite. I would rather be running FireFox than IE. I hate IE.

Frankly, I’m kicking myself for not getting a Mac in the first place two years ago, but whatever - water under the bridge. :smack:

So, techie Dopers - can I safely uninstall IE from my laptop? And if i can, can I just go into the uninstall programs option and make it go away? Or is it more complicated? I can be taught, so don’t worry if it’s a wee bit complicated. :smiley:

Also, I wasn’t really sure where to post this - feel free to move this post if I have mis-posted it.

Thanks, all!!

Why do you need to uninstall it completely? Firefox works fine with IE installed, and IE is handy to have around when you inevitably find that one website that doesn’t work with Firefox.

You want IE installed if you ever plan on updating the OS.

Firefox works fine with IE installed as has been stated.

Just don’t use it. I’ve got FireFox and IE, because one size doesn’t fit all. I have some websites at work that I need to order supplies and they don’t support FireFox, so I still need IE sometimes, and only open it for those couple of things. I haven’t checked lately, but I also couldn’t use FF for Netflix streaming a while ago and so still use IE for that at home and FF for everything else. But FF plays media better and I use it for streaming my Napster at work.

Due to the nature of my job, on my work lappy I have IE, Mozilla, Opera, Safari, FireFox, and Chrome installed. I just don’t use IE unless I absolutely have to - some of the apps I use require it. I only really use Chrome. On my home lappy I have IE but never use it, and use Chrome exclusively.

I guess the reason I’m asking is that it took me almost 4 (!) hours to de-virus, un-spyware-ify, and defrag the damn thing. Upon looking at the logs, it showed a majority of the crap got in when I was using IE.

Not a whole lot of it got through on FF.

Unless I’m not understanding something technical - but isn’t IE supposed to have all kinds of security and whatnot so it wouldn’t take me four hours to fix my computer??

For those who are going to ask, I just did all of this about a month prior. Should I be doing more? I’m not even sure anymore, but I do know that a Mac is looking better and better…

The opposite: IE leaks like a seive compared to other browsers.

But you don’t need to uninstall it, because it won’t let the nasties in again if you never run it: since you’ve cleaned your computer of its inanities, just use another browser.

You cannot uninstall IE from a Windows PC; it is integrated into the operating system. There are some “tweak” utilities out there that will let you remove the IE icon from your desktop.

Wow - if I would have not over thought the whole thing, the simple solution would to be not to use IE.



Thanks, everyone!

You can incorporate all of your old ie favorites into FF when you load it (it will ask you if you want to do this). One of the nice features of FF is that you can pull individual web sites or folders onto the toolbar. I put my IE favorites folder there as well as subset folders that I often use as well as specific web sites.