Arizona Dopers, want to go see Steppenwolf & Marshall Tucker for FREE?

I know that Padeye isn’t the only Arizona Doper out there, so this message is going out to the rest of you as well.

This Friday, 3/9, Blessed Union of Souls will be performing at the Chandler Ostrich Festival from 9:30 until the festival shuts down. On Saturday, 3/10, Steppenwolf is performing from 8-9PM and the Marshall Tucker Band will be on stage from 10-11PM. See the schedule for more details.

Are any of you interested in attending one or both of these concerts with me? I plan to go see Marshall Tucker regardless. I live only 5 miles from the festivital venue, so I may walk there and back to avoid traffic and parking. Then again, maybe not. If you’re interested in participating in a Phoenix Doper get-together/concert, let me know here or through email and we’ll make arrangements.

What are the rest of you laughing at? Are you laughing at our ostrich festival?! Oh, yeah, like your city is just so cultured.

That will be a very busy day for me but I’m in.

I would be up for this but I’ll be out of town this weekend.

Dude, seeing BUoS would rock too. I definately wanna go. Any particular meeting place we have set up?
And are there really only 4 of us in Arizona? Jeez.

Enjoy people.

It sounds like a hoot and a half. Just wish I lived closer.

Be sure to report back on all the high points.

malkavia, Padeye can only make it Saturday, so I’ll be going then. However, if you’d rather go see BUoS tomorrow night, I’m perfectly willing to do that as well. Let me know your preference. I live pretty close to the Ostrich Festival venue so we can meet at my house and go from there. I’ll email y’all directions.

And yes, there is at least one other Phoenix area Doper on this MB. In fact, he recently inquired about a Phoenix Doper gathering in another thread. I may do a thread-dig and give him an email; comparing his post count to his membership date, it was evident that he doesn’t post here very often.

I’m a SHE, dammit! :slight_smile: Okay, I admit there isn’t much in my username to give that away…

I would have loved to have gone Saturday night - it’s not far from where I live. Unfortunately, we have the stepkids in town from San Diego this weekend, and we will be dedicated to their enjoyment. Sigh.

However, I have another thought - baseball! Any Dopers here wanna try to get together for a DBacks game?


I like the baseball game idea. My company sometimes gives out the box seat tickets but it’s just as fun being a bleacher bum in the outfield.

Sorry about the gender thing, jadailey, although I figured it out when I saw your email address, if that’s any consolation. :wink:

I’m also in on the baseball game. Sounds like it would be a blast!

Jeff, drop me a line with instructions to your casa. It wil just be me as Ann already had plans. I’ll be at a SASS shoot all day so I might show up in my gunfighter getup.

Nice getup there, Morgan. You’ll fit right in with the Marshall Tucker crowd. Got an extra cowboy hat I could borrow, by any chance? I’ll get a map out to you and malkavia.

My office also has season DBack tix. Since I happen to be the biggest baseball fan in the group, I’m in charge of distributing them. As you can imagine, a fair number of them find their way into my own pocket. :wink:

We have four seats in section 319, row 8. Which is in the upper level, right about the plate. They’re awesome seats - better than any I’ve sat in even in the clubhouse section. You can see everything.

So - who do we want to see?

Sorry, no extra hat Strainger, and if I did it would fit down over your ears seeing as you have a normal size noggin.

Jadailey, I’m up for any game if my schedule permits. I may buy my own season tickets next year as my company is moving into the new 1 Central building, just a short walk from B.O.B. and America West Arena. With my own downtown parking I have no excuse.

You underestimate the size of my cranium, Padeye. I normally wear an extra-large.

Padeye and malkavia, I’ve sent y’all maps. Let me know which night you want to go, malkavia.

jadailey, my vote is for the Braves! ::doing the tomahawk chop:: At least I won’t be disappointed.

Strainger, I’ll let you try my hat as I’ll have the whole getup on, 'cept for my sixguns of course.

Ick. As a die-hard Cleveland Indians fan, I am required (it’s in the fan charter) to loathe the following teams: The Braves (WS 95), The Marlins (WS 97), and, of course, the Damn Yankees (when HAVEN’T they thwarted the Tribe?) But I’ll go to a Braves game in the hopes of seeing them lose!

Actually, I’m up for any game that my schedule allows. It’s kind of sad–and I’m guilty of this–how a lot of transplants root for their home baseball teams over the Diamondbacks. I think we, as Phoenix area residents, should recognize the Diamondbacks as our hometeam and lend our full support to them. You know, like we do with the Cardinals.

I’m a native Zonie and like to root for the Diamondbacks. It’s nice to have a real home team that didn’t itself transplant when things got rough at home.

Sorry I couldn’t make it Saturday but lack of sleep over the prevous week caught up with me.

Well, as it happens, the Braves are in town the last weekend in April. Also as it happens, I am not. :frowning: And, with the fun new unbalanced schedule, that’s the only time they come all year.

Upcoming weekend series:

Opening weekend - St. Louis. (Tickets have all been claimed already).
Weekend of the 20th - Colorado. Available.
Weekend of the 27th - Atlanta. I’m out of town that weekend.
Weekend of May 11th - Philadelphia. Available.

Those are the only weekend series in April and May.

And, Strainger, to your point - it’s hard to give up a team you grew up with and supported your whole life just because you move away. Especially for a team that’s going into its 4th year of existence. I support the DBacks whenever possible, but, when the realignment happens and them switch leagues - I’m rooting for the Wahoos whenever they’re in town.

Yeah, I know. My post was tongue-in-cheek. I was joking about all the transplants in Arizona and taking a dig at the Cardinals. I probably should’ve included a winky-face there. I still root for the Bravos probably more than the DBacks since I grew up in Atlanta.

Oh, and May 11 works best for me. I can also attend Saturday and/or Sunday of the 4/20 weekend. Thanks for setting this up!

And the DBacks are switching to the American League for sure? Dammit. I don’t like that (although you probably disagree ;)).