Arizona Fingerprint Card

What would prohibit me from getting a Fingerprint Card in the state of Arizona? Would a misdemeanor drug possession charge from 7 years ago, that was expunged, stop me from working as an Administrative Assistant at a school?

Expunging is a tricky business. I had a false arrest record tied to me once (the guy had similar name, different person, age, race). Took years to get off of everything.
I suggest if you have money (although I suppose you don’t) to have a lawyer check it out.
Perhaps a detective agency would be cheaper, I don’t know. Of course incquiries to the originating office may give you what you want to know for free.


Listed under A.R.S. 41-1758.03©, here

That second link is not to the actual text of the law, so you might want to dig a little deeper.

I appreciate your time.

The problem with expunging is that the record of the original conviction has very often made its way into many private databases, none of whom are obliged to remove it after it is expunged. When a prospective employer checks your record they will use one of these private services and your conviction may (or may not) appear. You can tell them (and provide proof) that it was expunged, but very likely the damage has already been done.