Arizona! There ain't nothin' there but rattlesnakes and locoweed!

That’s from a commercial back in the… '80s? Anyone remember it? It might have been an Arizona tourism commercial. (Video link appreciated.)

There’s Huge Fire ant mounds too in Texas, Arizona etc.

I went to AZ once to visit a friend. Stood on a corner in Winslow.

Such a fine sight to see.

Actually, there’s NOTHING in AZ. No reason to come here, especially to live. The desert is a dangerous place.

When in Winslow, I recommend the La Posada for overnight lodgings. I stayed in the Clark Gable Room when I was there. Pretty cool place.

And a very fine restaurant. We were surprised and pleased at the quality of the food in what is a pretty modest hotel.

And it’s the parts where there’s nothing that are most remarkable.

Lots of nice desert including the well known saguaro cactus, which due to poaching is very rare in CA, and few within a short walk of a highway even in AZ.

We did a big college ecology field trip out there, throwing one meter hula-hoop like circle to count the living things.

Met Justin Schmidt, who told us about getting stung by a tarantula hawk wasp.

Lovely desert in the spring.

Did you see a girl in a flatbed Ford?

You josh, but it practically the only thing to see in Winslow…

That’s cool.

My visit was in the late Seventies, it wasn’t there then. If I get back to AZ, I’d visit Benson.

For the surfing?

For the surfing?

Ain’t nothing else in Benson. Although it’s not far from Kartchner Caverns.

I was misinformed.

The surfing is in Tempe, next to the ice skating and not far from the curling rink.


Benson, Arizona and surfing :wink:

Child please!! If you’re in Benson you can run over & see “The Thing!!” Also Benson is pretty close to Tombstone which can be a fun weekend party town with a side of history thrown in.

You’re better off in Tucson and taking a day trip. Tucson has a lot of tourist stuff to do.

In any case…

Does anyone remember the commercial that is the subject of this thread?