Ark Encounter sues for lack of flood insurance

Ken Ham, the Amish Wolverine/the ayatollah of Appalachia, was too cheap to carry flood insurance for his Ark Folly. :smack:

Basically, wouldn’t it be considered an Act of God?? He shouldda prayed harder…

Damn, I was hoping it was the ark itself that was damaged by the rain, which would be hilarious, but it was only the access road.

The ark itself was divinely protected, it was only the way into the ark that was insured by the world, but destroyed by God and now the world, and it’s ways, has to pay. Seems about right. We should fall down on our knees and thank God that He didn’t decide to float the dam thing and flood us out again.

Er, I’m pretty sure that dams aren’t meant to float.

Ken Ham’s ‘Ark’ WILL NOT FLOAT!
It isn’t designed to, God or no God.

CMC fnord!

As a proud resident of Appalachia, I’d like to stress that Ham and his empire of bullshit operate outside the Appalachian part of Kentucky. The Creation Museum and Big Gay Ken’s Big Gay Boat Ride are in northern KY, in the Cincinnati metro area.

I mean, we have plenty of charlatans and bullshit peddlers here in the backwoods, but this guy ain’t ours.

While I think he’s a laughingstock as much as anyone else on the board, I’m gonna have to come down on his side for this contest.

From what little info these is in the article, it looks like the insurance company is trying to weasel out of their contract.

The whole freakin’ point of the place is that flooding is “an act of God”.

Too little information to determine that.

This story says that the insurance company is blaming faulty road construction.

About a week ago, some kids were selling candy bars outside my favorite grocery store to raise money from a trip to this place. I bought one, because I’m a sucker for kids selling things I can actually use, and then told them that even though I’m a Christian myself, I think the theology is wrong because, among other things, the word is actually “age” and not “day.”

Which word is that? How long it rained?

It’s the word in the six-“day” creation story.

I can’t tell if you are being serious or not.

Thanks for letting me know!

You must be the Good Folly. :stuck_out_tongue:

Didn’t God promise not to flood us out again?

I read that in Hebrew in Hebrew School. It is indeed day. Plus it says evening and morning for each, something ages don’t have.
Perhaps you need a better translation of the Bible.

Associated Press has posted a correction. The business claims their insurer has failed to pay for damages to a roadway caused by a landslide that was triggered by heavy rains.

Landslides are typically a covered peril in business property insurance while flood damage is normally not covered unless specifically added to the policy.

Poor, poor persecuted Hamster turns away potential visitors -

Landslides are not typically a covered peril for either business or home insurance, though in California the insurance regulator has asserted that it is a covered peril for homeowners insurance.