Armchair psychiatrists/physicians: what's Sinead O'Connor's illness?

Looks like Sinead O’Connor has posted a youtube video of herself talking about her mental illness, and having a bit of a meltdown. It’s a long one, so I haven’t watched it all yet.

What do you think is wrong with her, specifically? Is it borderline personality disorder, squared? Maybe she has schizophrenia. I do remember her tirade against Prince way back in the early 90’s, so this has been going on for a long time. I wish she’d get help.

I have no idea, but my guess would be bipolar disorder that she is self-medicating with drugs/alcohol.

Quite sad, actually.

I don’t think it’s BPD or schizophrenia. She doesn’t really have the symptoms of either. Severe depression’s very much in the mix, but whether it’s depression from bipolar, I don’t know. From what I’ve read she’s terribly suicidal and actually, I’m surprised she’s still alive. That poor woman.

I’m pulling this directly out of my ass, but the fact that she keeps talking about everyone abandoning her could implicate borderline personality disorder.

Other than that? Maybe bipolar, depression and/or anxiety. Mental illness sucks. She mentioned having 3 mental illnesses. I’d guess borderline, bipolar & an anxiety disorder.

Having said that, I have seen people get much better with the right combo of medications, lifestyle changes and right therapies. However finding the right combo is not easy, it is sadly a process that involves a lot of research, dead ends and hit or miss efforts.

According to this, it is PTSD, depression and something else.

If I condemn genuine psychiatrists for diagnosing Donald Trump as insane, how can I, a guy with NO qualifications, analyze a woman I’ve never met?