Armed service dopers, can you decipher this?

My daughter has a name and address to write to, and we got curious about the title? and whatever other designations. Can you help?

He’s a first Lieutenant, and the second line of the address reads as follows:


I thought we could come to the font of knowledge and get some help here. Thanks.

Easy enough.

He is assigned to the Headquarters Company of the Battalion Headquarters element. That is the HHC part. Meaning that he is in a support position for the Task Force (TF) 1-35. Those numbers are just away to identify different Units in the Army. AR is Army Reserve. That is that the Unit he is supporting and/or assigned to is part of the Army Reserve instead of the Regular Army. Medic would suggest he is assigned to the Battalion Aid station or something of that sort.

Wish him well and tell him thank you for his Service for me.

SSG Schwartz

Thanks for the info, and we’ll be sure to pass on the message.