Armwrestling Armbreaks

How does someones arm break while armwrestling? Well, i mena, i guess i know how it breaks but under what conditions does it usually happen? Is it when two really strong guys armwrestle, or maybe a really strong guy and a weak guy? Or is it just a really strong guy who didnt drink enough milk growing up? How likely is it to happen? Also, what is the primary muscle used in armwrestling?

I am going to bump this up because I have recently wondered the same thing! I caught one of those (probably) FOX caught on tape things and they showed this actually happen. I really didn’t think it was possible before this. From the look of the tape it appears that you can sort of just “lock” your arm in one position so its not easily moved (obviously). Enough pressure and SNAP. From the looks of the video and the sound the actual break was very obvious, the “winner” appeared to jump back and some close members of the audience winced greatly and turned their heads. The snap sounded pretty loud on video, IF that was the real snap sound… with fox you never know.

It was RealTV, thats what made me ask the question.

This also happened to a guy i work withs brother. He leaves the room whenever we armwrestle. Him telling me about it really didnt discourage me from arwrestling that much though until i saw that tape the other night. I thought i would at least ask this question before armwrestling anymore.

Oh, and i doubt the sound was faked, my friend said it was disgustingly loud when his brothers arm snapped.

Also, if you remember “The Fly”, Jeff Goldblum broke a guy’s arm in the bar armwrestling. Except with his super fly powers, he broke the guy’s arm and made sure it broke through the dude’s flesh. So thats a fake example of something that apparently can really happen.

This happened a few years back in the World’s Strongest Man competition. Can’t remember the contestants in question for the life of me, but, anyway, in this case it’s pretty obvious how it happened - these 2 men were each capable of lifting a small car - this kind of strength applied against itself was just more than his bones could take. [WAG]Bad technique probably played a part as well.[/WAG]

Actually, it was good technique, on the part of the breaker; I saw that episode of World’s Strongest Man too. One competitor got the other in an “armbreaker position” (not sure precisely what that entails, but he looked to have a good twist-lock on the other dude’s thumb). He didn’t submit, so his arm went “snap”.