Army Men against the war!


Hmm. Pretty cheap protest. All you need is a bag of Army Men, some labels, and a bit of imagination.

I really like the Smug in this one.

Whats the debate?


Is it unethical to make toy soldiers cry for the purpose of creating Bush bashing photographs?

Ah, I see. Hm…thats a damn good question come to think of it. I guess it would depend on a few things. What exactly ARE ethics wrt plastic soldiery, CAN toy soldiers be force or made to cry, and what exactly IS the price of tea in china these days?

That said, I’d have to go with…anything related to Bush bashing is ethical by its very nature. :stuck_out_tongue: Its fun too!


Meh. Interesting concept but crap execution. The guy should at least learn how to use the macro function on his camera to get the army men in focus.

Check out The Unseen War to see what a decent photographer can do with army men.

How 'bout this one?