Army of Darkness on AMC tonight

So what’s the deal with AMC? Do they show uncut movies? If I watch AoD tonight, am I going to get the full-meal deal or some edited-for-broadcast crapfest?

I’m pretty sure AMC edits for broadcast as well as shows commercials now. I’m pretty sure I’ve watched a few movies on AMC with words censored and a few things cut out, though I’m not completely sure and couldn’t say what movies it was.

Sorry I couldn’t be more specific, but I felt I had to take pity on your thread with no replies.

In the beginning, AMC showed movies uncut and with no commercials. They have changed this policy. The movies are more intact than most other stations (usually not cut for time, for example), but they do edit for language and nudity.

And violence.

The first time I saw AMC had begun to show commercials was when I watched Assault on Precinct 13. I was outraged. Now the commercials have just gotten more and more frequent, and they’re adding new, “original” shows.

On one hand, those commercials helped me get though all 5 Planet of the Apes movies, but damn, they were showing them ever 15-20 minutes or sooner. At least TMC is still good,

AMC has always had original programming. Remember WENN?

That said, the addition of commercial breaks and the changing of the types of movies shown has peeved me greatly.

(TCM, don’t you dare get any ideas!)

Well, if Ash says “You ain’t ruling anything except Jack and [sub]crap[/sub], and Jack left town”, you’ll know you’re watching adulterated [sub]crap[/sub].

AMC’s edits were a good bit more fair than the version I saw the other day on either SciFi or USA. That scene where Ash is facing off against his double for the first time? The line goes:

“I’m bad Ash, and you’re good Ash. You’re goody little two shoes…”

In the edited version, it was:

“I’m bad [sub]silence[/sub], and you’re good [sub]silence[/sub]. You’re goody little two shoes…”

I sat there in disbelief. They bleeped out the character’s name?? Sure, it was probably some censor hearing ‘ass’ instead of Ash, but for crying out loud… turn on the closed captioning, folks.

I think the movie is worth buying, myself, and I think most video rental places will have it to rent.

Y’know, since AMC wimps out on actually showing a whole movie.

(BTW, I’m a movie fan, and I’ve never watched a full movie on AMC. The commercials and the edits are too damned distracting. I could get the exact same experience by watching it on TNT or network TV.)

Hee hee hee… That’s what I love about Canadian TV. Most movies don’t get that harsh a treatment. Hell We’ve been showing The Sopranoes and Osbournes uncut and un beeped on one network.

That being said why the hell does anyone watch movies on TV anymore. Video stores do rent out the uncut versions of movies.

Who needs AMC? The on-campus cinema is doing the whole trilogy this weekend. And seeing as the Procrastinator Theater traditionally ends each school year with a porn flick, I think it’s safe to say that they won’t be censoring, either.

Ever since AMC started sticking commercials in the middle of the movie, I’ve quit watching it. What’s the difference between it and any other channel, now?

Just to do a little cleaning up:

Thanks to you and to everyone else who responded, but, please, no pity posts. If a thread is meant to die then it is meant to die.

To this poster and all who posted similar sentiments – I’m well aware that the movie can be rented. But if it’s going to be shown in it’s entirety, for free(or at least for an already allocated expense), on TV, why should I rent it? I thought it could be clearly inferred from my OP that I had no intentions of watching an edited version. That’s why I was asking what AMC’s policy was. I was hoping to reduce the hassle factor in completing the trilogy, a trilogy that I’m not all that impressed with in the first place (although EDII was appreciably better than ED, so I hold out a slight hope for AoD). As it turns out, I couldn’t watch it anyway, so I will be renting it. And I’ll stay away from AMC, thanks to everyone’s input.

I grabbed the DVD’s of Evil Dead and EDII at Blockbuster–I’m really looking forward to watching them on Halloween with Raimi and Campbell’s commentary!

There’s one commentary, I think it’s Evil Dead II, that’s JUST Bruce, and he provides amazing insight into the process of making a movie. Best commentary ever. The ones with him and Sam Raimi are mostly Sam Raimi talking about torturing BC, which are funny as hell.