Arnold Palmer has died. RIP Arnie

According to multiple reports, Arnold Palmer has passed away at Age 87.

Arnold Palmer was not the best player whoever played the game, probably not even in the Top 5, but he probably had the most impact on the game.

oh wow he only person grandpa watched in golf … and thats because he didn’t look or like a "prissy nancy boy " like most golfers did in the 50s /60s

There’s nothing on about it, even in the golf section.

But it’s on

RIP, Arnie. You made golf on TV interesting while I was growing up.

I’d disagree with you. In the 1960s it was Arnie, Jack Nicklaus, and Gary Player, and then everybody else. For a while he was the best player in the game. There aren’t many that can claim 4 Masters championships on their resume. I’d say Jack, then Tiger, then Bobby Jones, then Ben Hogan, and then Arnie has as good a case as anybody else.

In any event, he had a good life well lived. RIP.

Even when he wasn’t the best, he was certainly the classiest. RIP. :frowning:

I recall he tried to start a chain of Arnold Palmer miniature-golf courses. My hometown had one. Didn’t last long.

RIP, Arnie. :frowning:

Nope. He’s in the top 5 of all time.

He and his wife endowed hospitals in Orlando(ish.) Class act. He had a huge impact on the game was an inspiration to many who love golf.

RIP, sir.

Arnie was The King, no doubt about it. He was the perfect guy at the perfect time to make golf take off in popularity just when TV sports were getting started. And virtually everybody who knew him personally said he was just as nice as he seemed on TV.

RIP Arnie.

I’d certainly agree. I met him about 10 years ago, and chatted for a few minutes. The unspoken message was “All the bragging I ever needed to do, I did with my golf clubs years ago.”

Great golfer and then later a very good businessman.

His Pennzoil commercials featuring a old tractor were very popular. He did them for many years. Pretty sure that really was Arnie’s tractor. I guess one of his kids will get it now.

I learned a lot about Arnie in this article. He’d struggled with his health for a few years.

The (admittedly dated) line I liked was something like, “Every man wanted to be like him, every woman wanted to be with him.” He really did seem to be a decent person. Never heard anyone describe him as a jerk, or anything other than kind and generous.

I’ll have to do some more looking, but I recall reading several years back that he actually had quite a disappointment, at least with some portion of his real estate investments. Not sure if it was limited to his association with IMG, Bay Hill, or what. I think e initially was supposed to be a co-owner/co-developer of Bay Hill, but was later reduced to little more than a name/figurehead.

Minor point, tho, and does not take away from his contribution to golf. As a kid in the late 60s-70s, one thing I regretted was that Arnie wasn’t more of a factor agains Jack, Lee, etc.