Arnold Schwarzenegger goes "undercover" at Gold's gym

This is a funny video made to help solicit donations to Schwarzenegger’s ten year old After School All Stars program. Looks like Arnold hasn’t lost a step. Some of the things he says and does could have come right out of Pumping Iron.

How much is there to say about weight lifting, really?

“Very nice.”

Nice to see he’s got a sense of humor about himself. Seems like he’d be a good guy to hang out with, smoke a few cigars (and maybe some other things, if we’re in Washington, Colorado or the Netherlands) and sip some scotch with. In fact, let’s invite [del]Denny Crane[/del]William Shatner, too.

As a matter of fact anyone who contributes $10 or more to the After School All Stars program can win the opportunity to be flown to California to spend an afternoon with Schwarzenegger, smoking cigars, working out and going for a ride in his tank. (He owns the tank he drove as an eighteen-year-old in the Austrian army.) Details here.

“This is Gold’s Gym, not a baby’s gym.”