Aroused Gods and

This is the current header image for,, and all of the 101 domains that Google is available in.

Except for Canada.

This is the header image that had up until less than an hour ago (when I started checking to see if any of the other domains had this image as well, it was still live, but when I reloaded just before writing this post, it had changed to the ‘normal’ image).

Do you think Google perhaps has one less employee today? :slight_smile:

Or perhaps, some CS Major who decided to screw with 1 in 1000 google visitors? Or am I just wishing I had thought of it first…

Damn that would rock.

Nah, it had been up constantly for at least 12 hours - I first saw this linked to on another forum last night (Australian time), but didn’t think to check the other domains until this morning.

I see some slight color variation, and a change on the trident. I was never very good at ‘what’s differant in these pictures’ games.

It’s the old odd fold of the clothes hides an erection thing.

You need to get laid Fern Forest. It’s not clothing hiding a woody, it’s a whirlpool vortex being created because his legs are kicking so fast. :wink:

Well even if it isn’t the random change, I’d still love to get into the google computers and have it forward every 10,000th visitor to – but that’s just me.