"Arrested Development-- **2-Hour Season Finale**"


I know this isn’t news, but I just thought I’d give all you ADdicts a three-day reminder.

And the latest on life after FOX: link

Apparently ABC is a long shot at this point, but Showtime is still a possibility.

Let them try to make me work Friday if they want to. I have a date with a couch and some frozen bananas.

As far as Showtime goes - all they need is Hurwitz to stay with the show? Where the hell else is he gonna go? Don’t make me break your legs, Mitch…

I can sorta understand why Hurwitz would be reluctant. It’s gotta be stressful constantly fighting with the network to keep your show going one more day. Even with a different network I can see why he might want to just throw up his hands. Of course, the situation isn’t that different with Showtime – given that they said they’ll take it only with Hurwitz on board, yet again the fate of the whole production is on his shoulders.


That’s pretty much every Friday for me. :slight_smile:

I predict that by post 12 some Steinberg will come into this thread proclaiming how he hates AD and that the narration sucks and yes, he “gets it”, but still doesn’t like it.

Come on, Showtime.

How many here, that do not have Showtime, would become new subscribers in they pick up the show?

Count me as one.



I’ll subscribe to Showtime as well. I have DirecTV and it’s only an extra $12 a month to get the Showtime package, which includes about nine premium movie channels.

I’d sign up.
Who thinks this could be FOX’s lowest-rated 2-hour block ever? (It’s on a Friday night, against the dumb Olympic opener, absolutely no advertising for it)

I’m almost disappointed that I already do have Showtime.

Count me as another.

In fact, not that it has anything to do with anything, I just set my new phone’s ringtone to play “The Final Countdown” in honor of GOB, and the possibility of Showtime picking up the show.

“The Final Countdown” is also my ringtone. The reaction people have to suddenly hearing that song emanate from an undetermined location, usually my purse, are absolutely priceless. Like the Spanish Inquisition, NO ONE expects “The Final Countdown”!

Last night we lent our DVDs of Seasons 1 and 2 to a friend. He’ll probably have them watched by Friday, so a viewing party is now shaping up.

I don’t think I’d get Showtime just for one show.

Besides, I hate AD and the narration sucks and yes, I “get it”, but still don’t like it.

Crap, that shoulda been post #12.

I wouldn’t get Showtime for the one show.

I’d wait for the DVDs.

I suspect it will have the same four million viewers it has on Monday nights.

Mine too.


Well, hell, I just made it my ringtone too.

I have a feeling it won’t even hit 3 million viewers.

Not because of the Olympics-- I don’t think these two shows go after the same audience-- but because 1) it’s not being promoted at all, 2) any casual fans have probably lost interest since the last episode aired almost a month and a half ago, 3) this show is big with college-age kids and 20-somethings, people who typically don’t sit at home from 8-10 pm on Fridays, and 4) I love Arrested Development, and two hours of the show even seems a bit much to me (hey, trying to keep up with all the rapid-fire and subtle jokes can be taxing on the ol’ brain)


Shoot, I wish I’d read this earlier. I live about three blocks north of the real Newport Beach Banana Stand (it’s really more of a shop than a stand) and I would have set up a vigil there for Friday night. I think I’ll stop by on the way home tonight pretending to be a one handed magician.

Anyone else planning an event?
We’ve been having AD-Days for the last few months. A group gets together, watches AD and plays a drinking game. For Friday we’re staying sober for the last 4 episodes and then popping in the DVDs and getting plastered. We’ve got a small but respectable group coming out.

Should be a good time.