Arrested Development Question: Who was on the Prosecutor's Board?

In the episode from the first season “Justice is Blind” there is a board behind Maggie (Julia Louis Dryfuss) when she is trying to get info out of Buster with pictures of everyone in the Bluth clan including associates like Lucille II, Kitty, and Surely (Maebe’s “twin”). There are two that I can’t make out. One is a brunette woman who has been crossed out. The other has an IMDB “No picture available” page in lieu of a picture. Who are they?

I haven’t looked closely at it, but as a complete WAG: Could this be Michael’s dead wife?

According to the best fansite out there, the Balboa Observer-Picayune, the brunette woman is supposed to be Marta, GOB’s ex.

They don’t know who the mystery ‘no photo available’ picture is for, and they don’t have a picture of the scene. It could be that Smeghead got the right character, but the wrong picture.

Airblairxxx, I re-watched the scene and the crossed out woman’s first name definately starts with an “M.” Any other thoughts on the blacked out person. I know that Oscar didn’t appear until two episodes later.


I’d love to watch it, but a friend of mine borrowed my season 1 DVDs about eight months ago and hasn’t finished them yet. And that’s a subject for a Pit thread, if I had the time to write one.

By the way, as I understand it season two will be rerun on Friday nights starting on July 29, and I’ve heard it rumored that season 3 will start on Monday nights in September and run 22 straight weeks, “24”-style, to January, when its timeslot will be taken over by “American Idol”. TTFWIW.

I’d love to see that. I don’t care if the season ends over the holidays. I see this as a better chance to get a full season!

My gut tells me Season 3 is the end of the road.

No rumor. Fox has officially announced it will be back in September and will run a full season on Mondays, ending in January, when “House” replaces it.