"Arrested Development" - Save Our Bluths!

The episode just started on the East Coast, so I thought I’d post this reminder in case most Dopers had forgotten while nursing their New Year hangovers.

Analysis to follow.

LOL! Love the blatent begging “Tell your friends to watch this show”. Brilliant.

Oh man I just died with the whole HBO-Showtime discussion!!

If this show doesn’t come back I may have to send Fox a gift basket.

Of Muffins.

I didn’t get the “On the next Arrested Development…” What’s the significance of the “LIVE” thing?

I think it was just their way of saying goodbye.

I detest FOX right now.


Throughout the show they were doing the kind of desperate stunts that shows do when they’ve left the Shark (and the viewers) long begind them. 3D, celebrity stunt casting, and finally a Live Episode.

I hate to say this, but I didn’t like this episode. The writers were too focused on cramming as many self-referential jokes, that it just wasn’t funny. I laughed my ass off at the stuff before the first commercial break, but then the whole episode just continued the same way.

Plus, the whole episode just seemed way too ridiculous.
I loathe myself for saying these things. But I felt I must. I hope they can continue on on elsewhere and just get back to telling the story of the Bluths without resorting to desperate and such over-the-top drivel.


It’s been argued to death here, but I don’t know what else Fox could have done. Most people really don’t want to watch this show.

Another excellent episode, especiall George Michael’s “I love my cousin” and his “OCD”.

Tonight’s second ep is from season 2, with Martin Short’s hideously misguided guest appearance. I may have to flip channels when he’s on!

I loved the way they poked fun at themselves. They mentioned that the characters were more relate-able now, and that the premise of the charity fundraiser with no caterer had conventional comic potential. Tim Goodman is the TV writer at the San Francisco Chronicle and his column today was a list of New Year’s resolutions, including this one about the show:

So perhaps all is not lost, yet.

Put your 3D glasses on now!!!

All right. Not the best episode ever. But they did what they had to do-- have a sort of telethon-within-a-telethon while taking as many potshots as possible at crappy primetime TV series that get better ratings than them.
But this isn’t the end. There’s still the episode with Justine Bateman coming onto Michael (aka her brother), which will rock.
(oh, and except for the vomiting, I can’t be the only person who really likes the Martin Short ep).

I’m not saying I’m rational, I’m just unhappy that this was the last episode.

I can detest FOX irrationally right now if I want :stuck_out_tongue: .

Not to mention, “Someone dies this episode!”

Are they actually showing the Justine Bateman episode? There’s nothing on the schedule for next Monday - just two reruns of House, and the week after that, 24 starts. We were assuming the Justine Bateman episode isn’t going to air, and it’ll eventually be a lost episode on the DVDs.

I concur. That is the one episode I can’t stand (except for Lucille’s drunken quoting at the beginning). Martin Short goes waaaaaaaaaaay over the top with his performance, and his frequent puking really gets nauseating.

I’m glad you said it so I didn’t have to. On the whole, it rang angry and unfunny to me, but I’ll watch it again and see if my initial reaction changes. For some reason, the raw chicken really grossed me out.

Is this correct?

I thought the show was at the top of its form. The digs about rating stunts (and using them all at once) was hilarious, as was the HBO showtime gag, Tobias’s gift packages, Buster’s lost thumb, Lindsay’s clueless in the kitchen gags, GOB flirting with his mother (another of their many incest jokes) and everything else.

As usual, this was the most tightly plotted half hour on TV. It is just amazing how they throw out gags that seem a joke for the sake of a joke and which end up being an important plot point.

I even enjoyed the second episode. Martin Short was terrible, but Tobias in full double-entendre mode was just plain terrific.

Looks like they’ll either be airing them at some random point in the future, in a random time slot (my, wouldn’t that be annoying for fans), sending them over to Showtime, or just waiting for the DVDs.

Sigh. America. I’m beginning to think shows like this and Undeclared are just teases, broadcast in order to keep tabs on the country’s eggheads (through their online discussions) and therefore the ultimate plan to dumb down America. That might explain the long wait for Mike Judge’s Idiocracy

Yeah, they even referenced that in Michael’s speech where he says the Bluths have been given plenty of chances.

And how brilliant that they use Andy Richter, who had his own brilliant show cancelled on Fox.

Man, I love this show. I can only hope that someone else picks it up.