Arresting someone already in jail?

Sometimes when I am bored I look at the local mugshots on the local news website. I see people arrested and the arrest location is the jail and they are wearing jail clothes. Does this mean they are charged with additional charges? Seems odd to take another picture but maybe it’s required. This is NC if it matters.

Yes, inmates commit crimes all the time. Some jurisdictions take the inmate out of their cell pod and book them for what they are accused of, because it is a separate charge from what landed them there in the first place. I’m talking jail here. I don’t know what prisons do. For 2 of my 25 years as a Sheriffs Deputy I was stationed at the county jail. There always had to be at least one Dep on duty there at all times as unsworn correction officers did not have the status to effect an actual arrest, even though the inmate was already in custody. Weird, huh? YMMV depending on the policies of the jurisdiction.

It also could be that someone turned himself in and that is why the location of arrest would say the county jail.

Or, the inmate may be alleged to have committed, prior to being incarcerated, a crime for which the statute of limitations hasn’t expired, and for which new evidence against the inmate has come to light.

I have no idea how this is handled procedure-wise, other than that the inmate is presumably served with the warrant and soon takes another bus ride to the courthouse.

Inmates in prison commit crimes too; assaults against other inmates or staff are unfortunately common. The local police are called to review the complaint and decide if new charges are merited. If so, they eventually go to court for that.

also I’ve seen people who were arrested at the courthouse so maybe they also had upgraded charges. . I’ve seen home addresses listed as “anywhere, Raleigh” which I guess means a homeless person? Or they had no ID and refused to give an address?