It’s summer here in Australia and I am always being bitten by mozzies! Anyone got any ideas on how to stop these buggers from turning me into a giant itch?

Ahh, the great Australian Mozzie.

“I’m a little Aussie Mozzie and I’m…”

How does the song go again?

Oh well, the first thing you need to do is get some Aeroguard. I love that stuff so much that I wrote a letter to the company praising them for it (my friends dared to me do, don’t worry).

But occasionally I forget to put some on and they attack me in packs. The best thing I have found is to get a wet bar of soap, smear soap over the bite and leave it there, don’t wipe it off. Grit your teeth for a few minutes, resisting the temptation to scratch. Usually it will work. Make sure you leave the soap on though, eventualy it will go by itself.

Works for me anyway, and remember, use Aeroguard!! Mozzies hate that stuff!!!


thanx Doc! ::puts Aeroguard on his shopping list:: But that’s only for the day. I mean I can’t sleep after spraying or rolling on some sticky repellent all over my body. I have a hard enough time sleeping drowning in my own sweat.

dang non-intended smilies

You sleep out side or something??

(slap, scratch) Apparently we’re having a bumper year for mozzies. I’ve been bitten a lot and I never get bitten.

There are always the good old mosquito coils - try the supermarket or a good hardware store. Or you can get little do-hickies which plug into a powerpoint and which look like a night-light with a small cage attached. You slip a wafer of repellent into the cage each night and turn the powerpoint on. The heat generated causes the wafer to emit anti-mozzie fumes. So far it seems to work.

There is also a small canister version that lasts for longer, but owing to the fact that it is a bad year for mozzies, everywhere around here is sold out. Think they may be “Raid”.

And thank you for “a hard enough time sleeping drowning in my own sweat” - a timeless image.

You could try sleeping under a mosquito net. They should be at any decent camping shop. I’ve seen indoor ones, ones you hang off a handy tree branch, ones you just drape over yourself, etc etc.
Or you could do what I do and make friends with people who mozzies think taste better than me.

Some folks swear by B-vitamins. They claim it wards off the little vampires.

Here we have OFF! insect repellant, which you can get in either spray or lotion. It’s not sticky or greasy, you don’t need very much, and it WORKS, mainly because it has “deet” in it, which is the Number 1 mosquito repellant chemical.

If you’re worried about getting cancer from it, which most people aren’t :rolleyes: , Avon’s Skin-So-Soft hand lotion has good word-of-mouth as a repellant.

Do a Google search under “mosquito repellant”, “DEET”, “Skin-so-soft”, etc. There are also numerous websites devoted to herbal remedies.

Consumer Reports studied Avon Skin-So-Soft a few years back as a sidebar in a report on mosquito repellents. They had an aquarium full of the little buggers, and one of those rubber valve things for inserting one’s hand. They had volunteers apply various lotions and repellents and stick their hands into the mosquito-packed chambers. (I hope these people got bonus pay. Yeesh.) Result: Most repellents work okay. Efficacy of Skin-So-Soft: next to zero; virtually no difference from an unprotected hand.

As for my own preference, I did an outdoor play several years ago in a heavily infested area. The Deet-based repellents made my skin sting, so somebody recommended an alternative treatment, and doggone if it didn’t work like a charm for me. I would take a couple of B-12 pills and a garlic oil capsule, and the little buggers pretty much avoided me. Caveat emptor, though: A few people in the cast were using this, and it didn’t work equally well for everyone; one person, in fact, got almost no benefit, and went back to Deet. Probably had something to do with individual differences in perspiration production, body chemistry, and such. Still, I’d say it’s worth a try.

No, somehow the buggers get into my bedroom and you get that nightmare inducing high pitched buzzing sound going through your head all night. shudder

I don’t see how vitamins or garlic capsules can help. Any sites, anyone?