Arrrgghh!!! I just want a cocktail!

As I’ve mentioned, I just had hip replacement surgery. Before the surgery I was following a local surgeon’s blog, and he says alcohol can seriously affect the healing process. So my usual intake (maybe 8-10 drinks a week) stopped July 9. So by now all my complications (blood clots, strips of flesh ripped off while changing dressings :eek::mad::eek:due to Coumadin) are resolved and all that remains is exercises and recovery for four more weeks.
But there are fresh raspberries from the garden in the fridge, and one of my favorite parts of summer is a vodka & soda with a squeeze of lime and a handful of raspberries, for which I delicately bob for the life of the drink. BUT I CAN’T HAVE ONE!!! Oh sure, I could have the same drink without vodka, or add a little sugar, vanilla & cream for an Italian ice, and I probably will, but dammit, I’d really like that goddam cocktail.

Than again, I’d like to dance the Tarantela in the pale moonlight, but that ain’t happening any time soon either. Poor me…

Last summer I had to do a course of antibiotics where I was warned about a million times not to drink any alchohol whatsoever, to the point where the pharmacist told me not to use mouthwash containing alcohol while on the medication. Apparently even thinking the word “alcohol” while taking this stuff would be enough to trigger massive stomach cramps and projectile ralphing.

I have never wanted a beer so bad in my life. It was about the longsest 18 days (two weeks + four days for the med to clear my system) of my life because all I could think about was Beer, the Forbidden Fruit.

Ever have a raspberry and oxycodone smoothie?

I’d like some wine. But I can’t have, not until after the baby is born and I finish breastfeeding (I have decided not to drink while I’m breastfeeding). :frowning:

Hah. You guys are all talking about doing without alcohol for a limited time. A couple of my current meds advise caution about alcohol while they’re being taken. Personal experience has amply demonstrated to me that if I have ONE drink, my antidepressant’s effects will be seriously reduced the following day or two. Also I no longer have any tolerance for alcohol. This sucks.

Sometimes I’m tempted to pig out and have that delicious single malt scotch, followed by a classic martini or two with top grade gin, followed by a succession of top-notch beers of various types. What stops me is the sure knowledge that probably after the first drink, and definitely after the second, I will be looped out of my mind, falling down drunk. I will have a horrible hangover for the next day, followed by hating myself, my life, and the whole world for at least another day or two, looking at everything as if in the bottom of a deep dark slimy pit.


This is the one that must really hurt. I feel bad for pregnant women who can’t drink because they’re being held hostage. It’s a noble sacrifice, though. I’ll drink to your moral courage in a few weeks!

Not fond of raspberries but a strawberry everclear smoothie with a percodan back was always nice.

I occasionally want a cocktail, but since I’m a drunk and don’t feel like killing someone with a two-ton weapon I get over it. You will, too. A few weeks is a lot shorter than forever. Take solace in that.

All I wanted was a Pepsi!

I’m not much of a drinker nor a recreational drug user. But I must say these both sound like very pleasant ways to begin and end a summer afternoon.

But what did YOUR doctor say…not some blog. Did he or she advocate complete abstinence?

I didn’t ask my doctor. I suppose I could’ve, but drying out for a month while recovering seemed like a pretty good idea anyways. One of those “it can’t hurt” ideas. I was a bit freaked out about the severity of a hip replacement, so I’m eager to take any steps I can to make my recovery a success.

Ten more days! Woo-hoo!

What difference does it make? You think the other doctor’s statements are less valid because they’re on a blog? Or because it’s not HIS doctor?

It is a well-established fact that alcohol interferes with healing. This remains a fact even if singular1’s doctor didn’t bother to mention it to him.

And she wouldn’t give it to me!

You do of course realize that alcohol also acts as an anticoagulant like Coumadin, correct? And of course your INR readings and Coumadin intake depend on a *consistent *amount of K vegetable intake?

Of course, IANADoctor nor am I doctor and advice is worth what you pay for it and yadda yadda yadda, but a consistent cocktail per day should have a consistent effect on your INR’s. You might have to reduce the Coumadin slightly or something.

But what he said about not drinking for a few weeks or months is probably a good thing too :smiley:

HEre’s a cocktailfor you :slight_smile:

I read this as “Did he or she advocate complete absinthe?”.

Have a bloody cocktail. One is not going to kill you. Nor is it going to drastically reduce the effectiveness of any medicine you are taking. If not having a drink is stressing you out, that stress is probably having as much, if not more of an effect.

I am pretty sure that the antibiotics = no alcohol stance taken by doctors is a myth. In general terms alcohol in very moderate amounts will have no effect on the effectiveness of the drugs.

I take it we are talking about one small, probably weak cocktail? Rather than an full-day binge? in which case hell yes, go for it.

How 'bout a Fresca?

Yeah, but I’m not really stressing, nor am i on any antibiotics. At the time of the OP, I was winding down for the day and would’ve really enjoyed a drink (and FWIW, I am not one to partake in weak cocktails. While I myself do not personally possess a pair of balls, I can assure you my Germanic roots have predisposed me to cocktails (perhaps hiballs is the more appropriate term) that have big swingin’ hairy ones.;)).
Now, by the light of day, the urge has passed, and I still feel compelled to avoid alcohol until I raise a glass and celebrate the one month birthday of my new hip. Considering yesterday I got the bill and discovered the little scamp cost $26K (and another $40K to get it installed):eek:, I’m inclined to pamper it a bit.

I do plan on checking with my doc on the blood thinning effect. Hopefully I’ll be off Coumadin next week and it won’t be an issue.