Arrrgh! Laundry frustrations! Help?

So, I went to my apartment laundry room and loaded two washers full of laundry. The door was propped open on the way in. It had been this way several times for no good reason, so being the good citizen I am, I shut the door.

After the washer cycle was done, I went downstairs and tried the key. It wouldn’t work, for the first time in almost six years of living there. I tried and tried. It wouldn’t open the door. I called the (now closed) office and listened for the emergency after-hours numbers. Neither worked. (Great for emergencies, huh?)

Now to the laundry part. When I blow my top tomorrow and retrieve my laundry, it’ll have been sitting in the washers for almost twelve hours. What’re the chances that the clothes got moldy or something like that? If I just run the washers again (maybe with soap), would that be fine?


If you live in the jungle, you’ll need to wash them again. That might include portions of Florida and Georgia. :wink: For those of us in more civilized climes, you should be fine. Just…sooner rather than later, 'kay?

It’ll be fine. I’ve left laundry in the tub for 24hrs (I’m forgetful, OK?), and just put it through a quick rinse cycle to get rid of any squicky-ness. It came out a bit more crinkled than normal, but otherwise fine.

Either that, or it’s gonna mutate into a hideously deformed creature of supernatural size and strength, knock down the door and cut a massivly destructive (although non-lethal) path of chaos through your hometown.

Your results might vary.

If it smells soured, toss in a half cup vinegar on the re-wash. I keep a large jug with the laundry supplies just for the inevitable load that gets forgotten in the washing machine and it works every time.

Things can mold pretty fast in this part of Kansas, though. Do a visual inspection and a sniff test. If they smell off, follow the vinegar and rewash suggestion. If you have little black dots on your clothes though, I am not sure what would work, especially on light/whites. I’ve never been able to get those kind of mold dots off whites/lights. I ended up tossing a t-shirt that I’d forgotten about from the lake because it sat in the trunk, wet and molded. :frowning:

I’m in the Pacific Northwest, but it’s been very hot lately. What does that mean for the whole mold/no mold thing?

And does the vinegar go in WITH soap, or without?

The vinegar goes in without… it’s just the final rinse cycle, which doesn’t use soap.

What kind of vinegar? Cleaning vinegar or cooking vinegar?

White distilled.

Every time I’ve ever left laundry in the washer for more than, say, six hours, it’s gotten mildewy. And New Jersey is not particularly swamp-like…

Since the washer is closed, the external conditions won’t matter. Your laundry is likely mildew free this morning. I haven’t smelled mildew until clothes are wet for over a day.

I’ve done that before and just threw in some detergent and re-washed. Comes out fine. And I DO live in the jungle (FL).