ARRRGH! My Computer's Dead!

Something happened today to the power grid over at Sterling Manor! I don’t know what yet, but the power was out for two hours! Anyway, even after the power came back, my computer refuses to power on! It’s dead, Hoss! I got lots of my schoolwork, artwork, and emails in there that I can’t get out! I’m inspecting the damage and it doesn’t look like any of the cards are fried, so I think the power pack took the force. But I won’t know that until hundreds of dollars later.

And I need a new surge protector too! Whatever happened to my computer, I know the surge protector died in the line of duty. Get the flag and wrap it around the coffin. Goodnight, Gracie.


Find a computer store that will let you return stuff, and buy a new power supply. Its worth a try.

Try plugging the computer into an outlet that you know works. A breaker could have tripped.

Nope, the power’s back on, all the outlets work, therefore PC’s dead. I going out to get me a new PSU later today.

(Actually the story with the outlets are their own rant. As also the fact that our smoke detector is powered by the grid, which means that if the power dies in a fire, so do I. At least until I buy another smoke detector.)

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