Arrrghh! Windows update deleted my user account - anyone know how to get it back?

Shortly after arriving at work this morning, Windows tells me it needs to reboot because it downloaded an update. OK, why I have XP set to automatically download and install updates is beyond me - a lapse of judgement in my part, but there it is.

Fine, I go ahead and reboot. It comes back up, with my login choices. Admin is there, a couple other dummy accounts are there… but MY account is gone. Poof! And all my account settings, and all my backup settings, and all my bookmarks.

I am NOT happy.

I tried the system restore - twice, in fact - with no luck. I searched MS’s knowledgebase. No luck. My user folder still appears in Documents and Settings, but if I try to create another user with that name, Windows tells me I can’t create a user with the same name as the machine. Huh? Is that new? My username has been the same as my machine name forever, I’m pretty sure.

Please… anyone… is there any way to get my account back? It’s been highly customized, and recreating it will take me hours…

FYI, I’m running Windows XP Pro.

When you log in as Admin, can you still see your normal user folder in Documents and Settings?

Yes, it’s there. I tried to create a new user then change the name of the folder to the new user name, but that didn’t work.

I can’t believe I asked that when you have already answered it
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This looks like your problem. The linked solution is pretty detailed. Hope it helps.

Thanks. That links to a page I’d already found. I’d hoped there was an easier solution.

@@#!^#^#$^ Microsoft. And I’m an MS zealot, no less.