Art for art's sake - a blog

I checked the rules, but I could not find something prohibiting sharing your own web site. I have been running the blog Art for art’s sake since over 2 years, with a fresh start last October. It is a blog about fine arts, photography, architecture and music, and as such could be of interest for the Cafe Society crowd. There are 17 recurring subjects:

Emphasis on modern architecture, famous and less famous.

**Art-iculations **
My own musings on art (rare).

**Beautiful Album Covers **
Past and present, known and less known.

**Bridges **
Like architecture, going for special modern designs.

**Classical Corner **
Highlighting lesser known composers with a CD recommendation to introduce them.

**Flickr Favourites **
Some of the best shots I encounter on Flickr, the largest photo sharing community.

**Fractal Art **
Some of the best fractal art I encounter on Flickr.

**Imaginary Albums **
A fun game, that has been making the rounds on the internet.

**My Photography **
Rather self-explanatory. I try not to push it too much.

**Paintings **
My favourites, mostly expressionists, and going for lesser known works.

**Photo Art **
Art created by photo manipulation.

**Photographers **
Some of the best, past and present.

**Special Designs **
Intriguing modern designs for clocks, chairs and so on.

**The Art of Lu Schaper **
Promotion ofr my wife, professional artist.

**Vintage Posters **
Examples from the first half of the 20th century.

**Web Sites **
Any interesting art-related web sites I encounter.

Creative Photoshop magic taken from that site.

**YouTube **
Favourite pop, rock, jazz, classical - and art related videos.

The site is totally non-commercial, not even google ads.

If you are interested, here is the link:

Just FYI.

Reported for closure - with apologies.

Art Rock: we’re happy to have Dopers share their creative works, we just prefer they ask first. Send an email to one or all of the Cafe Society mods please.