Art Giveaway Contest!

This is going to sound like a hideous suckup but it’s actually the truth! I was looking for a good place to hype my silly new contest and while rooting around this website I fell in love! Love the format and a lot of you are amusing and cool. I’m going to stick around here awhile if you’ll have me. :smiley:

Anyway, on to the hype!

Are you bored? “Ye-.”

Don’t answer yet! “Sorry.”

Wouldn’t you like to see YOUR face in an original piece of art? What about possessing, in your hot little hands, an original piece of Rajiv Golay art? “Who is Ra-.”

Lemme finish! “Sorry.”

Are maybe you’d just like to test your wit, intelligence, and powers of deduction against the best people I can attract to my silly little contest? “Well-.”

It’s free to enter! My only goal is to have fun and hype my horrid nonprofit, ad-free website!

Come here to enter! Art Giveaway Contest

Or come here to see the rest of the siteShadow's Lair of Fictional Pain

“But you never told us who Raj-.”

(sound of door closing)


Wow…a newbie who puts his first post in the right forum. That’s as rare as an honest politician 'round these parts. :smiley:

Believe me, I checked them all about six times to make sure! Whew! Got it right! :smiley: