art school or collage

where is the best art school to learn drawing at or above collage level ??: :confused:

I believe the next step after collage level is macaroni picture frames.

There is nothing above collage level art. It is the most advanced, refined art form yet mastered by humans.

Psst. “College,” not “collage.”

Judging from your OP, I’d say go to art school.

Any that don’t require an entrance essay, apparently.

Best possible response. I’ll give it a 10.0 as soon as I stop cackling.

Fortunately, you can learn to draw without learning to spell.

I’d recommend the Art Students League, on 57th Street, in NYC (near Carnegie Hall). If you just want to take drawing classes, you don’t have to take anything else. And you can see the instructors’ own work ahead of time, to decide whose class you want to be in.

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This is awesome.

Jokes aside, anyone know what to do when you live in podunk and want to advance your training beyond lackadaisical community college “courses?” Bribe a retiring artist with martinis and …? And I’m pretty open about the … (!) I’ve been out of it for a few years mostly due to boredom, inertia, and frustration, and although I’m probably going to relocate soon, it’s not likely to be any closer to a great art school. But I do have a tremendous, near-hormonal bug for classic technique and subject, I just haven’t quite been able to get over the next technical hurdle on my own. Need someone to hold a brush in front of me and a whip behind me.

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