Arthur and Molly Weasley

Remind me… did they know Harry Potter’s parents before Harry was orphaned? Or is their only initial tie to Harry due to his friendship with Ron?

they were all in the Order of the Phoenix together

No, the Weasleys were not in the First Order of the Phoenix, only the second.

They attended Hogwarts and graduated before James and Lily attended, so it doesn’t appear the knew each other at school.

Perusing my memory and the Harry Potter Wikia, it doesn’t appear that they knew Harry’s folks personally.

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Molly’s brothers were in the Order and were killed by Dolohov. So it’s possible that they knew them slightly. Furthermore, in the fourth book when the Order was being reraised at the end, Dumbledore simply assumes he has Mollys assistance and they are well known as opponents of Voldy so well…

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I recall someone doing a rather in-depth timeline that indicated that the Weasley’s oldest son was born the same year that Harry’s parents started school at Hogwarts.

So presumably Molly and Arthur were at least a year or two removed from Hogwarts themselves by that point.

They married in 1969 and Lupin, Pettigrew, Black, and Potter started at Hogwarts in 1971.

But now I’m curious, why the sudden need for HP trivia? Are you cheating mid-game? Are you in a heated debate?

And just to add on a little: the wizarding community is pretty small and families tend to know each other. So the Potters might’ve heard of the Weasleys and vice versa. (Just on case it is a heated debate or a game, and this could be your winning point… :wink: )

Until James Potter married Lily Potter nee Evans, the Potters had been considered a pureblood family along with the Weasleys, Blacks, Malfoys, and Lestranges. Interestingly, however, Potter is not present on the Sacred 28, a list of pureblood families in the wizarding community as of the 1930s. Much speculation abounds.

The Sacred 28, what, what, what, WHO? Do go on!

That’s basically it, unless you’d like me to list each of the families. It’s not even part of the books, just material from Pottermore, so it’s canon authorially, but for 95% of us is meaningless.

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My wife and son were watching Goblet of Fire and the question I posted at the start of the thread just popped into my mind.