Artic Blast. How far south?

I see that even Cuba is experiencing temperatures about 10 degrees F below normal.

How far south can these arctic blasts reach?

I see that in 1957 San Juan, Puerto Rico seems to have even been hit by one. Locals bundled up in their winter coats as temperatures plunged into the low 60’s! At one point the temperature hit 60 degrees F, establishing a new record for PR.

No record was set in Nashville, but it was right nippy this morning. I think the wind chill was around zero F or close to it. I think the lowest actual temperature that I can remember was minus 17 degrees F in about 1983. I’m not sure if it was the same year that the wind chill got down to minus 40 degrees F for a very brief time. I ran outside to see what it would be like and the moisture in my nose froze immediately. It’s a wonder I didn’t feel it on my eyes more. It was so cold that it was “stinging” me. That’s the only way I know how to describe it. I ran back inside.

BTW, it snowed a half inch in Nashville and school was closed for two days. One of those days was before it began to snow. They are wise though. We’ve had bus loads of students stranded until midnight when the snow has hit before.

there are freeze warnings for areas on the Gulf coast.

Kamikaze iguanas fall from Florida’s frozen trees