Article: Five Good Advices Donald Trump.Which He Should Adopt NOW!

Five solid advices I think Donald Trump should live by NOW ASAP, as given by Ari Fleischer, former White House spokesman under the Bush administration.

I’ll link the article so you can read it, but I will also add my own advice.

  1. Start spending money on ads, instead of picking petty fights with everyone.
  2. Hire good economists and foreign policy advisers, not just your fellow rich, businessman.
  3. Fire your staff, especially Corey Lewandowski.
  4. Stop being petty and thin skinned, demonstrate you can let things roll off your back. We get it you are tough, but it’s a turn off.
  5. Think before you speak.

Now here are the advice given by Fleischer to Trump.

Trump doesn’t want to win. He just wants to be able to say “I coulda won that.”

Press sec to failed GWBush says Trump should spend more on ads. Big lobbyist for sport team owners. Sad!

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Press sec to failed Bush
Says Trump should spend more on ads.
Big lobbyist. Sad!

There. 5-7-5 syllables. Now it’s haiku. Before it was Twitter.

In other words, stop being Donald Trump.

Yes. Jeb Bush basically did these and look how well he is doing in the polls.

Best idea yet.

I was saying the followng months ago. It’s been confirmed, and is surely obvious to all now.

Donald Trump did run!
What a sad collosal joke.
Can they ever learn?

Publicity stunt
Blame the victims or the clown?

Trump? Cruz? Roo-bee-oh?
Who the hell’r’you, GOP?
Relish November!

“Five solid advices”?

I’m waiting for

“Click here for one weird tip that Donald Trump needs!!!”

“Learn a Chicago dad’s secret to becoming President!”

Donald Trump is yuuuge
Hands are big, no problem there
But what’s that head-thing?!