Artifical tanning cremes with SPF.....

Given that I’m a whitey (and OH SO WHITE) and it’s summer here in the southern hemisphere, I bought myself a thingy of tanning creme…that has a SPF of 15.

Now I only apply it every few days (just enough to take the white out, a real tan would look ridiculous on me) but curious how long the SPF thing is meant to last.

With most sunscreens, they need re-application around every four hours to provide protection. Nobody is going to put this stuff on every four hours, unless they want to look like Serena Williams at the end of the day…:slight_smile:

So does the SPF last as long as the tan? IOW, can I expect a protection factor of 15 for a few days, or does it last the usual few hours?

It should say on the bottle. It probably only lasts a few hours (at most) if you’re out in the sun, active and sweating.

If it were possible to make sunblock that lasted that long, then all of the sunblock cremes would do so.

Surely that would be the end of the sunblock industry if they promised DAYS of protection??


Nothing about re-application is mentioned on the bottle.


Ah, sorry, I thought you were talking about sun block.