Artificial christmas tree with fragrance dispenser. A real product?

Pretty straightforward question. My only dilemma is whether I should have it here or GQ. Well, I’ve made my choice, and I’ll live with any changes the PTB decide to impose.

So, here chez 99, we like artificial trees because they don’t leave pine needles on the rug. Yet we like real pine trees because they make the apartment smell like pine. I’ve been trying to find a “best-of-both-worlds” solution of an artificial tree that smells like pine (or dispenses a pine fragrance), but without much success.

Does anyone know if such a product exists? I’d be very grateful to learn how to obtain one, if it does.

There are fragranced ornaments, Looking for a tree that is itself fragranced or dispenses fragrances; have found patents for them but not commercially available.

They had an episode of Green Acres about this, where the Hootervillians?? (Hootervillites???) were buying plastic trees and you gave a little bulb a squeeze and it squirted out fake pine scent

I’ve seen these at places like Bed, Bath & Beyond. The ornaments, I mean.