Artistically-Inclined Dopers..

Do you get excited by great scientific events, such as landing a probe on Mars?

I am an engineer, and remain curious about space exploration and other scientific breakthroughs.

We have a diverse collection of professions here including editors, painters,lawyers, musicians and whatnot on this board. I am interested to hear their viewpoint of these events.

I make theatre and work as an actor (well, work is when I am lucky), and yes, I get ridiculously over-excited by scientific events. By the LHC, probes on Mars, new publications that show us we were previously completely wrong, or just reading the Dope :slight_smile:

ETA I actually never post in Cafe Society. I’m probably a bit weird. But I suspect arty Dopers will be disproportionally interested in science. I do know lots of people in the arts who have no interest in science, tragically.

I am a scientist and an artist. I don’t see these as being opposite or in conflict with one another, but rather complimentary.

Sure, I know these 2 can be complimentary.:slight_smile:

How about others, who come from pure art streams?

I’m a classically trained sculptor and (dabbler) painter. I am always excited about scientific studies, breakthroughs and other real-life adventures. I wanted desperately to be a scientist, but I couldn’t get the through the math courses needed to secure the degrees that would allow me to pursue my wishes. Too bad, I would have made a seriously kick-ass field researcher. Still would.

I am a theatrical production electrician (that translates as “a lighting guy”) who also makes copious amounts of noise in my spare time, and I freaking LOVE science stuff. I do my best to keep up with developments in theoretical physics, space exploration, computers and nanotechnology. I try and remain informed on other subjects, but those areas are my favorites.

I was freaking glued to my computer last night, watching not only the live feed from the JPL control room, but also the 3D computer simulation on Eyes On The Solar System. I even sent out a mass text to about a dozen friends reminding them that Curiousity was about to land :).

Science totally fucking rocks!

I am an artist, and am very much interested in all the sciences and technology. In third grade, we made papier maché planets and hung them from the ceiling. Jupiter was right over my head, and a few days later came crashing down on me. I’ve been hooked on astronomy ever since.

Exactly this.

I’ve always felt art and science are two sides of the same thing (energy/matter; electricity/magnetism; space/time; art/science). :cool:

As for the OP, I’m a graphic artist and animator by profession, but have always had a deep, if not equal passion for the sciences. It just so happens that my artistic side seemed to always manifest as more prevalent in my endeavors (and seems to have come a bit more naturally), otherwise, I would’ve sought out physics, astronomy or chemistry.

To some degree, I think if you have a love for both, one will inform the other, and raise the quality or originality of the work you do.

I also feel technology is applied science, and design is applied art. Yin and yang, baby.

This would have been a classic origin for a 1950’s supervillain. :slight_smile:

I’m an author, and I’m interested in the sciences, too.

I’m a musician. I’m not good enough to study science at, say, a university level, and I don’t understand a lot of mathematics or really technical science stuff, but I do love science! I enjoy hearing science news and listening to science radio shows. I’ve participated in scientific studies too.

I can’t see how you can be a very successful scientist or engineer without being very creative, abstract, wielding a developed skill-set, while being inspired by the natural world and its phenomena.

And I don’t see how you can be a very successful artist or musician without being intelligent, logical, wielding a developed technique, while being inspired by the natural world and its phenomena.

ETA: maybe “successful” isn’t the right word? Genuine? Legitimate? Recognized? Brilliant, even?

At least I didn’t say I was a writer!

When I was a little monstro and the teacher would ask what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always said I wanted to be the first artistic astronaut. I don’t work for NASA, but I AM a space cadet. And I do earn a few dollars every week selling my artwork, even if it is just on the side of the road. So I haven’t think I let myself down. Dreams fulfilled! :slight_smile:

Artist. Worked in Architecture. Now teach.

I think it’s fantastic!

I’m not an artist but I am artistic, and I’m absolutely thrilled by scientific or technical achievements. There isn’t any disconnect; both art and science involve creation and discovery.

I have an artist friend (full-time artist/sometimes teacher) who says she cried a little when the rover set down.

I’m a poet, and I have been thrilled with things this year like Curiosity and the Higgs field discovery.