Artsy-Craftsy Types! Bring Me Your .....Rubbers

      • I have a revolver I want a target-style grip for, and nobody makes them the way I’d want. The only way I could get one already made is if I paid someplace to do it in wood, and they’d want $125-$150 for that, and I want a tacky-black rubber type material anyway.
  • There are a couple places I found online that sell do-it-yourself handle-molding kits, for making handles for-- well, whatever, really. And they seem to charge quite a lot for their “gun grip kits”-- what is basically a sheet of hot-melt foam rubber (that you melt and shape with a heat gun). I’m suspecting that this material probably has some dull, boring industrial use and is sold by the square yard pretty cheap, but I haven’t found it yet. I already know of a couple different types of liquid-cast rubber, but hot-melt would be far easier and cleaner to use, as far as I can imagine.
  • The only sources of rubber fabricating I am at all familiar with are latex-rubber used in the earlier stage of making bronze casts, but I don’t want latex rubber, it won’t hold up to typical gun solvents and residues. I need a synthetic material. Anybody know anything?