As a boy, I preferred Nancy Drew to the Hardy Boys

I know I’m really stretching the mundane and pointless bit here, but this article reminded me how much I used to love those books.

I had an eight-year-old’s crush on Nancy. [/blush] Oh, how I wanted to be on those adventures with her! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, me too.

I was always mad that, first, no one ever did a Nancy Drew movie; and then, when they finally did some, that they were awful, modernized things.

I’d love to see someone go back and to Secret of the Old Clock with a real budget, cast it in 1932, for an intended audience assumed to include adults who read the books when they were a kid as well as current-day kids.

Well, I liked the Hardy Boys better and remember being in a panic thinking the author would die someday and * I would never have anything good to read again!* Hey, I was young…

Can remember spending my allowance on a book while my brothers bought candy and stuff and they thought I was nuts for buying a book.

And that sure would be cool if they would actually do a film, set in that time period…maybe we can get Chris Columbus to do a combi Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew series…he has a pretty good track records with that type of material. Those tv series in the 80’s (?) were absolute crap.

As a matter of fact, there were four Nancy Drew movies, made in 1938 and 1939, all staring Bonita Granville

I suspect this belongs in Cafe Society.

But me, I liked the Three Investigators.

I couldn’t get through a Nancy Drew, but I did read my brother’s Hardy Boys. I was always hoping things would get a bit dirtier (as for why they didn’t, check out “Boys, Uninterrupted” in this month’s Harper’s- it’s a set of instructions for writers of the series, what they can and can’t include)

And they were dreadful!

I enjoyed the Nancy Drew novels just as much as the Hardy Boys ones, in general.

Do they still put out new Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books? If not, when did they stop putting out new ones? I remember reading some more modern paperback Hardy Boys novels around 1990. I think one of them was called The Lazarus Plot.


Me too. I was constantly intrigued that anyone would be called Jupiter.

As a girl, I preferred the Hardy Boys to Nancy Drew. But that could be because of my 11 year old crush on Shaun Cassidy.

As a boy you should, but as a gay boy, the Hardty Boys were for me!! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Parker Stevenson was a babe.

I wanted to be the meat in a Hardy Boys sandwich.