As I drank coffee, a man was quickly mangled to death

  1. The alarm goes off. Roomie hadn’t gone to bed, since she’s working tonight and would sleep during the day. I shaved, showered, and dressed in record time. Didn’t plan it that way; it just happened. Roomie had made me half a pot of coffee. I had a bit over half a cup while I checked my email. Luxury! I put the rest into a travel mug for the commute to Seattle.

As I was sipping my coffee and checking my email, a wrong-way driver was killed in the 5 near Marysville. The rate of closure between him and the two vehicles he hit was estimated on a radio report to have been 120 mph. All southbound lanes were closed. It took me over an hour to get around the scene on a surface street, and the freeway didn’t open again until about 20 minutes after I’d finally gotten to the office.

So while I relaxed a bit, drinking coffee before leaving for work, a man was quickly mangled to death.

Thank God he didn’t manage to take the two people he hit with him.

as you drank coffee, several hundred people in this world died.

But only one made me late to work. :stuck_out_tongue:

Could have been blunt-force trauma rather than mangling. :wink:

But yeah. There was a kid killed on a motorcycle in Jackson a couple of years ago. I passed through that intersection every day on the way to the office. I had to drive over the bloodstain. It was creepy.

Could’ve been blunt-force, but in the photo the car looks pretty mangled. I was abeam the scene (the freeway wasn’t visible from the road I was on) two and a half hours after impact, and they were still trying to get the body out with the Jaws of Life.

Harsh. :frowning:

A few weeks ago, I rode my bike to work. During some down time that day, I noticed a story in my local paper that someone was killed on a bicycle at an intersection I just passed…about three hours before I was there.

After I rode my bike home, I was watching the news…and saw a report that another person was hit that evening.

Apparently, biking is healthy for me, but really bad for others.

We had a similar incident in my area that didn’t fare as well. For years afterword I would drive over the rippled spot on the road (from the fire) and remember the accident. It was it’s own little rumble strip at mile marker 61.6.

Johnny L.A. you are going to have to get a grip on your coffee habit before you become the Bono of the NW.

About suffering they were never wrong,
The Old Masters; how well, they understood
Its human position; how it takes place
While someone else is eating or opening a window or just walking dully along

I’m drinking coffee now.

Everybody get off the roads!

Hey, on the way to the car dealer yesterday, I came upon an accident wherein two cars decided to hit the turn lane at the same time. Quite the mess of shredded metal and plastic.

this is gold.

Sounds as though he suffered an attack of TBC, or Total Body Crunch.

I’m amazed that it was only a combined speed of 120 MPH. Around here, the speed would be closer to 150-160 MPH, which would push your spleen into next Tuesday.

Having to do 75-80 just to maintain in the #4 lane before I’ve had my coffee on the morning commute can be a bit unsettling. Having lived in CA for 20 years, I can that CA drivers are crazy, but generally know what they’re doing. Drivers in the Carolinas are just scary.

Yep. Up here, people don’t seem to be able to ‘read’ other drivers like they do back home. And they tend to do the speed limit or less. (Washington State Patrol isn’t as understanding as CHP.)

I don’t know why but, including the thread title, this is some beautiful piece of writing … I could just picture a dulcet-toned announcer saying this on CBC (in American, “NPR”)

Wow. When I lived up there, the last place I lived was west of where they put the Tulalip Casino, and I used to enter the 5 freeway right there to either get to the park and ride, or to drive all the way to Seattle. Even tho it’s been almost 20 years, that still gave me chills.