As if the cockroaches weren't enough (Moving woes)

Just moved to a new city for my wife’s career. Two hours before we arrive the landlord calls and says the cleaners found cockroaches after the previous tenants late departure.

After a week and getting our furniture here and most the boxes unpacked things start feeling like this could be home, at least for a period. This afternoon the landlord comes by with two guys from Junk-King to clear out some stuff. This was planned and not traumatic. Less fun was when one of the two guys runs back in the front door in a crouch and says the pop-pop-pops that just started is a gunfight.

Basically someone pulled up to a house a couple of doors down and pulled out a gun, at which point our junk guy ran inside, and then we heard a significant exchange of gunfire, possibly more than 10 shots from either side.

My wife is ready to break the lease and move. I’m willing to give it at least a week and consider the hassle of moving again, even if only in town, too much trouble. Unless there are frequent gun fights. Then I’m out of here.

Define frequent.

Another one.

Checking the Police Dept’s neighborhood crime statistics report might be a place to start. If the landlord misled you that might be grounds to break the lease without $$$ penalty to you.

That would be my definition also.

Please I wouldn’t keep firearms in the place and all my small valuables, especially sentimental things, would be in a safe deposit box. Doors and window would have good locks and my renter’s insurance would have a small deductible and every rider applicable.

Besides, @running_coach, I want you and yours around a long, long time.

Gunshots are in neighborhoods for reasons. Around here, it’s because of Coyotes. In a city, I’d bet on drugs/gangs. I wouldn’t be surprised if you hear it again.

What city did you move to?

Around here, September is when guys sight in their deer rifles, getting ready for deer season. The pop,pop,pop, of gunfire doesn’t even get our attention.

I’m not sharing my city beyond it being of the Midwest sprawl kind. Statistics don’t show the neighborhood as a criminal hot spot, neither for violence or property crimes.

I do agree that at least two gun fights are required to really define a frequency. :wink:

The night after the gun fight someone torched a car across the street. And the day after that we hear another four shots right outside early in the morning and the cops put a “Shot spotter”-notification door hanger on our door. It’s been quiet since then, at least on this immediate street, but I had to accept my wife’s decision we should spend the money to get out of the lease and move again.

So in two weeks we’re moving to a place where we’ll hopefully both feel safer.

It does mine. I’m not thrilled about drunk Massholes coming up here and hunting on private property.

What’s a “shot spotter” notification? They want to install one at your house? They want you to call if you hear shots or spot a shooter?

ShotSpotter is a system that detects gunfire. I mean, that isn’t hard, you just need a mic. But it has a bunch of them so it can also pinpoint where.

And here at least the cops then put a door hanger on nearby doors saying the system detected gunfire at such and such time (which they didn’t fill in) and to call them if we saw/see anything.