As stocks tank there are some sweet deals out there!

CISCO(CSCO) is down to 16 per share! I dumped my Cisco @ 34 per share a few months ago. Is it time to buy?

AAPL is already headed back north. Get in quick!

And apparently dragging the NASDAQ back up with it. Woo Hoo!

Wait a week and you’ll be able to buy Iceland for a song.

I’ve been pondering an investment in GM. The stock is down where it was March 1950.

I believe that AIG is “too big to fail”. I bought it this morning at $1.997. Already up 6% since. At this rate, I’ll have $2.12 million in 1 year. You’re all invited to the party!

Check that, it’s now up 15%. I’ll actually have $1.5 quadrillion in 1 year at this rate. You can even bring dates to my party!

Speaking of AIG, I was just looking at its Google Finance page. The P/E ratio is blank, but underneath, there’s a value called FP/E that says 10.30. Anybody know what FP/E is?


Forward price to earnings ratio



Well, I just purchased some shares of an ETF called “DDM”, or Ultra Dow30, which is:

“The Ultra Dow30 seeks investment results generally equivalent to twice (200%) the performance of the Dow Jones Industrial Average Index”.

I’m gambling that the DJIA doesn’t keep on tanking. Yup, I’m a risk-taker. What can I say?

The market always tries to run me over no matter what I do. I took up some small positions on some Short ETFs today. That dramatic rebound in the NASDAQ this afternoon? All me. You’re welcome boys.

If I had not had some fairly tight trailing stops on my positions (got out with a small profit) I imagine the entire US economy would have miraculously recovered just to spite me.

I knew this, but in this environment, farcical price to earnings ratio is likely more accurate :frowning:

A song by Kerry Katona?

Ask yourself this:

Will you feel stupider having bought in now if the stocks halve, or stupider having not bought in if the stocks double? That should tell you everything.

The key driver of collapses (as opposed to drifting down) in this market will be the interbank market. Watch LIBOR closely. I can’t really think of any other free indicators of just how bad it is. Perhaps look at the front month Eurodollar market depth on Misleading that though…

I bought National City Bank at $2.01 last week. Either they’ll go out of business and I’ll lose it all, or there will be a big upside in a couple of years. That is, if the motherhumping government doesn’t buy a bunch of equity and dilute the existing stockholders.