Ashley Greene (Twlight) Condo goes up in flames.

They found her little dog dead under the bed. :frowning: Poor thing must have died terrified and tried to hide under the bed.

Fire broke out on the couch. That’s always someone leaving a lit cigarette isn’t it? Probably fell asleep smoking.

So sad. I keep thinking of her dog. The scum at TMZ filmed her sobbing and cradling the dog in her arms. They have no sense of dignity or decency at all.

Thankfully, they saved her other dog.

Or dropping a match. The day one of our neighbor’s kids did that was the day my family started getting dressed before breakfast rather than after.

The scum at TMZ wouldn’t have a job if people didn’t care about stuff like this…

It’s ok to report the story. It’s legitimate celebrity news. I just thought the video of her grieving was unnecessary. There’s always a line of decency and privacy that shouldn’t be crossed. imho

I’m sorry but i disagree. That Ashley Greene’s house burned down and her dog died is only important to Ashley Greene and her family. “Ashley Greene to star on Twilight spinoff” would be valid celebrity news, everything else is the kind of stuff TMZ thrives on.

When TMZ has to qualify the mention of a person by citing where we know them from; they’re not a celebrity.

Given the nature of the story, they couldn’t use the less dignified by more common identifier “The hot one in the Twilight films.”