Ashly Perez

Admittedly not the most significant issue of our day but I am curious.

Ashly Perez is/was one of the people regularly featured on Buzzfeed’s YouTube channel. But I read a recent article that says she was fired from Buzzfeed because she wanted to do some online projects separate from Buzzfeed and her contract with them has an exclusivity clause. (Another popular creator, Jenny Lorenzo, was also fired for the same reason.)

I had noticed that Perez had not been appearing in Buzzfeed videos lately so this explained why. And I see that she has launched her own YouTube channel although it only has a handful of videos. So it seemed Buzzfeed and Perez had parted ways.

But now things seem to have changed back. Perez has begun appearing in Buzzfeed videos again. Does anyone know if she is back with Buzzfeed? Or are these videos that were produced before she left that are only being posted now?

So, not a lot of Buzzfeed fans around here.