Asian Prince in San Francisco?

Is the Asian Prince in San Francisco (or where ever Santa Clara Fairgrounds is, San Jose? I’m new here!)? There was a Rock the Vote that had a concert televised on KTSF (the Asian Channel), and one of the venders selling his own CD’s looked exactly like the Asian Prince!!! I don’t speak Chinese (or Vietnamese, i couldn’t tell) and none of my housemates were in the room, so i don’t know what he was saying, but i swear it was him!!! I must find out if he does concerts here!

Who are you and what have you done with Tars Tarkas?

The Asian Prince lol. Everytime I hear about that dude it makes me giggle.

Tee hee

I think I missed something the last few years.

Asian Prince?

You’d think an Asian Prince with such an extravagant lifestyle could fork over a few bucks for a functional website.


Yeah, like I’m one to talk.

He He He, wouldn’t you like to know?


I thought he was fake!

He’s to the point of celebrity saturation now, his only option is to fake his own death and stick to ‘sightings’ from now on.

If PeeWee Herman did that in '91 he’d still be marquee material I tell you!

I have it on assurance from my housemates that Wo-Hen Nankan, the Asian Prince, is real, and they have been five feet away from him at a concert before, and saw him just this weekend in San Jose. My next task will be to find him myself and get a photo with him and i together.

Bullshit. His name means “I’m ugly.” He’s a fake, okay? Obviously there are probably people who look like him, but the site is fake.