Asians & Alcohol

Do a statistically significant number of Asian (pc term?) people lack an enzyme that helps break down alcohol or is this yet another booze-related myth?

Alcohol dehydrogenase

thank you Squink

Yes. I think the rate is almost one in three Asian peoples that have this inability to process alcohol like most people do.

I have a friend that suffers from this whom is Asian and he gets extremely RED when he drinks more than a beer or two. Doesn’t stop him though. Trooper he is.

Cecil concurs

50% of Japanese? That’s amazing. I guess all of my Japanese business colleagues were in the lucky 50% that had no problems drinking alcohol. Whether or not they had a drinking problem is a question for another day.

An English friend of mine who’s spent several years in Japan, China etc speculates that another factor is simply the average body mass of your Far East Asian - the smaller body mass would lead to a lower tolerance of booze.