Ask A Bra Professional...

Ask me anything. I am a certified bra and prothesis fitter. I am a lingerie expert and will answer any questions you may have.:smiley:

Who certifies you?

Why are bras so difficult to unhook in the most… crucial [read: passionate] moments?:wink:

What’s the difference between a prothesis and a prosthesis?:smiley:

What bra goes best with a pair of shiny new STAINLESS STEEL #5 DORRANCE HOOKS.

Could you recommend something for two lingerie virgins (the SO and I)? Quote a few prices, please. I’m a college student, so nothing too pricey.

Also, are you a guy or a gal? Any interesting stories (embarassed mother-in-laws, done any celebs)?

I am certified by Home Care, Saks Fifth Ave and Nordstrom. Being certified is not required to fit someone, although often times the customer will feel more comfortable knowing that you are an expert. Also, my company, Chantelle lingerie assures that we have the proper training. I mis-spelled Prosthesis, sorry. If I were to recommend a bra to go with Dorrance hooks it would be a high fashion demi bra that offers a plunging neckline and projected silhouette. Draw the attention to the decollete and away from the hooks. lol.

I am a girl. Yes, many celebs. And I have fit men as well. What type of bra are you looking for? Everyday or fashion? I love a new bra my Company launched this season, called Tamarin. It is a t-shirt bra so it has a light fiber fill in the cup so your nipples don’t poke through, it will give great shape and will be nice and smooth and seamless under all your t-shirts and sweaters. The best part about it is that it has a cross dyed streatch lace around the back. You can get an all lace thong, panty or sexy boy brief to go with it. It comes in white, black, cappuccino and burgandy. It costs $64- and will last you 6-8 years if properly cared for. You can view our collection at . Our average price $58-. I recommend going into your local department store and getting fit. You can chose beteween a large selection and many different brands. Don’t be shy to take as many bras as you want into the changing room, bring a friend and have fun. P.S.- American brands run larger than French so don’t be suprised if your size varies when trying them on.

I was teasing you, Stomp:). You certainly seem to know your stuff.

Now back to that LOVELY site of yours…ANYTHING in furtherance of knowledge is my motto…:wink:

Metal underwires. Why? Why can’t there be nice little plastic ones that are padded all nice and stuff so that they do not get painful after a while and set off metal detectors?

Why must the #-cup match up deal be so difficult? Why must bra manufacturers assume that because a woman has a large cup, she’s a large framed woman, and vice-versa?

Would plastic underwires be called under–err–plastics?

A woman friend of mine told me that certain bras (the ‘transparent’ ones, among others, which I find particularly sexy) are meant to be worn in the bedroom…and not on the street, the reasoning being – I assume – that they do not offer as much support. Valid point?

If I have size 75 DD in cm, how much would that be in USA-size (you express them in inches? ) I have not yet found an converting table on the net, maybe you know of one?

Can you recommend a strapless but supporting and well fitting bra for the above size? The few times I tried on a strapless bra, my boobs had to support the bra instead of the other way around.

I want to find a bra that is pretty, has wide shoulder straps and is a 32/34 DDD, withOUT having to custom make it, or pay more than 30 bucks!!.

WHY do bra manufacturers think that anyone with a DD or above must automatically have a large ribcage?

I’m sick of buying 36 and having to sew the sides up!!!

Today most underwires are plastic, if not then they are coated in a special resin to keep from rusting or causing a reaction with the material making it yellow. Also, some women do have bad reactions to metal so most are plastic. They underwire will not set off the detector in the airport, if anything will it may be the little metal adjustment on the strap.You can try a bra w/o an underwire, many companies offer these type of bras and still offer alot of support. You can buy a bra that has a hidden underwire, they are padded on both sides os the cup so you never feel them, ask a sales associate to show you one (Wacoal makes a great one). Most companies will offer small band sizes and large cup sizes. My company makes bras with a 32 band size and a G cup. If you need something smaller in the band try a French brand, they tend to run smaller. We do offer some cup sizes in 30’s. For someone who needs a large band and a small cup, you can find bras that go upto 42’s in A & B cups. If that is not large enough I recommend trying a back extendor(made by Fashion Forms), that way you can still wear sexy bras. Their is no such thing as a bedroom bra. If you feel comfortable wearing a transparent bra in public then do it. We here in America are very conservative and like to have coverage, wheras in France and other European countries you often find women wearing more revealing things. I do know of many transparent bras that offer support. As long as you are comfortable. If you are a 75 DD then you are a 34 E (American brands go D, DD, DDD wheras French goes D, E, F) so a DD is equlivent to an E. A great strapless for your size is one with no padding first of all. You want to look for one that has silicone on the inside to keep it from moving. Try one with 3 or more hooks in the back, this will offer more support. You will not find one that that will lift you up without it being padded. It will only cover the bottom half of our breast stopping just above the nipple. Find one that gives you nice smooth look in the front and does not make you over flow out of the top. Chantelle and Wacoal make great strapless bras, also, Olga nd Goddess (if you can find those brands). Take a number of them and try them on, if you have a particular outfit you need the strapless for bring it along to try on in the dressing room.

How come bra manufacturers do not seem to understand that cup size and rib-cage size have no relation to each other? They seem to assume if you have a 42" rib cage, you must be a D cup; and if you have a 34" rib cage, you must be an A.

Fortunately, many companys offer very attractive bras in 32 & 34 DDD , you will have to look in your local department store (Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Ave, or Nordstrom) or you can check a speciality store. Chantelle, Wacoal, Olga and Goddess offer your size. Unfortunately, you will not find one for under $30-. Bras are an investment these days and if you want a good quality bra with superior fit you will have to pay more. Good news, if cared for properly they will last 5+ years. An organic and biodegradable fabric wash (Forever New is best) will not break down the elasticity. Never ever machine wash or dry!!!

Are there a lot of opportunities for men in the Bra Professional field? If not, how can the blatant discrimination stand?

And which celebrities?

Why is it so hard to find attractive bras in the larger sizes? Why can’t I find a nice demi-cup in my size (40DD)?

Yes, their are many jobs for men in this field. Although, I don’t think too many women would feel comfortable being fit by a man. Most of the bra companies are owned by men. I know of a few speciality store owners who are men. A man can take care of quality control, design and construction, distribution, and many other important jobs…CEO’s etc. I am not allowed to refuse anyone a fit. I have fit many men and I can always find something to suit their needs. Some celebrities include Gena Davis, Jane Seyomre and Celine Dion. I can’t disclose any more information about them.