Ask a home-schooled doper

I’ve been browsing the forums for a pretty good amount of time, so I figured I’d make an account so I can attempt to contribute.

I’ve been home-schooled all of my life, and I am now in the 10th grade. I get quite a few questions regarding how certain aspects of my schooling work, so I thought you guys might have a few questions about it yourselves.

We are homeschoolers as well, teaching our two sixth graders. The main question I have: do you feel like you missed out on anything by being homeschooled?

I can’t say I feel like I missed out on anything. I’ve loved being homeschooled so far. It gives me a lot of extra free time. I have plenty of friends, I just meet them in other places besides school. Personally I certainly wouldn’t want to go to public school after being homeschooled and enjoying it so much; Although I do know some people that didn’t enjoy being homeschooled, so they ended up going to public school, and vice versa. It isn’t for everyone, but I think it’s an amazing choice for a lot of families.

Who are your teachers? Are they your parents or do you have professional tutors coming to your home?

Was it a religious based choice by your parents?

How does homeschool work? Can you choose to go to public ( or private schools) for some subjects and opt to have parents teach others?

How do you accommodate subjects which may need some specialised or expensive equipment to fully explore the subject?

Do you have to conform to a standard curriculum? What happens to subjects outside your parents or home tutors’ skill base ( foreign languages for example)

Do you still need to take state tests? If you fall below the standard expected of your grade can the state force you back into the public system?

Sorry if these questions are not relevant but I understand nothing about homeschooling and can’t think why people would choose it unless it was in a rural area and really the parents may feel that the only education their child needs is to get out and work in the fields.

home school my ignorance :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delay.

So, I take it you have a standard state curriculum to follow. How detailed is that? Is it just a list of subjects or does it lay out the full syllabus for the class? I think some of us are concerned that some subjects get skipped over and I don’t mean the obvious either. It would be easy to just skip chemistry if a parent didn’t feel comfortable teaching it, for example.