Ask Hamid Karzai, the President of Afghanistan

By this time tomorrow, I should hopefully have in my hot little hands confirmation of a ticket to a lecture by His Excellency the President of Afghanistan. The format includes a Q&A session, so barring cancellation of the lecture or other mishap, there is a small (but real) chance that I will be able to ask him a question, and an even smaller chance that he will answer it in a responsive manner.

So, my fellow Dopers, what should I ask him if the opportunity arises? I promise to report back afterwards, but don’t hold your breath – the lecture isn’t until June 20, and a lot could happen by then.

(ChiDopers, if any of you are reading this and are interested in attending, here’s more info:

I’d like to know how in the nine bloody hells he plans on actually running his country when he only controls 30% of it, much less how he is going to institude industrialization on the agricultural society.

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HOLY COW EVA LUNA! Congrats on the opportunity. I’m impressed. Please be sure to post about your trip once you return…I’d love to hear about it (and take lots of pics if you can!!). Safe journey to you. :smiley:
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Ummmm…I may be crazy, but not crazy enough to go to Afghanistan right now. The lecture is in Chicago, and my journey will be all of about a mile from my office.

(I think they’d be endlessly amused if I took pics.)

Well, what I’d ask him is, does he feel he’s getting enough support from the US and other colition partners in Afghanistan (at a guess, the answer is most likely ‘no’). If not, then what would he like to see us (the collective ‘us’) do to improve things.

The other thing I’d really like to know from the horses mouth so to speak is his evaluation of the current situation in Afghanistan. I’m sure like my above questions he will give mostly stock politician answers, but it would be nice if he answered candidly.

BTW, good luck Eva! Great oppurtunity for you and I really hope you get to go. :slight_smile:


By the way, I’m not necessarily special because I get to go; anyone can go if they fork out $30 for a ticket (or $20 if they’re members of the sponsoring organization). Lucky me; I volunteer for them, so I get a free ticket.

If any of you are in Chicago, you should definitely go. They have lots of other cool events…

Chicago Council on Foreign Relations:

(I gain nothing by posting this promo; I am an unpaid volunteer for the organization. I just think their events would be of great itnerest to GDers. But if any of you are going, let me know; maybe we can hook up.)