Ask me why I hate people?? This... (trophy hunting)

I want to hunt this fuck down.

Damn, I can’t make the link work!!! Now I have to stop hating to get someone to help.

Lion-Skye, lured from preserve, killed by trophy hunter named Whitworth, owner of Whitworth Tools. Little help??

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$80,000 is a lot of money though, more than a lion is worth to the locals i bet.

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I suspect the locals reaping the most benefit are the operators of the tour group, as opposed to the locals that you imply might otherwise be impoverished.

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I don’t know how much has been established as factual in all this.


True but i assume they get some benefits from the deal…less lions mauling them for one

Is lion mauling actually a problem in South Africa? How often dies it occur? Are you making a joke or is this actually one of the stupidest posts in the history of the SDMB?

Can’t it be both?

Well… he could have said that the “natives” got some benefits, but he charitably called them “locals.”

I’m a hunter; more for the largest example I can find more than for the meat so you can call me a “trophy hunter”. That being said, something in all this strikes me as wrong. This is a wild animal with a population that thrives and declines all too regular and sometimes gets adopted (in a manner of speaking) by one community or another. I look at it as the albino deer or massive buck some township or another has made part of its community ---- it may be legal but it just isn’t quite right.

I imagine there are few people who can maul a lion.


What are we mad about?

That he killed an animal?

That he killed a lion?

That he killed a particular lion?

That he killed an animal by baiting it and then shooting from a safe location (as opposed to stalking it on foot and then clubbing it over the head in a fair fight)?

That he killed an animal for sport instead of for food?

That he killed a young lion?

That he violated laws regarding the allowable age for a lion to be taken?

That he violated laws regarding baiting of game animals?

<something I haven’t thought of>?

That this was not his full time job, making him an amateur and not a master baiter?

There are no wild lions wondering around South Africa so no, maulings are not a problem. South Africa is not some untamed wilderness, every single large game animal is contained by fences. Now poachers who breach the fences do get eaten on a regular basis but that’s them going to the lions not the other way around.

The only locals benefiting are either the lions legal owners, or the bastards who arranged an illegal hunt. Either way it means that rich people got a little richer.

So, you want his head for a trophy?