Ask the Amish guy

It’s the “Ask the Amish Guy” thread.

Why are you using a computer?

Shouldn’t you be out pulling in the fall harvest? What are you…some slacker Menonite?

what kind of Amish guy are you? Are you on that “vacation from Amishhood” that young Amish folk take or what?

What’s with the crazy beard with no mustache, Amish guy? Have you ever bowled?

Is your particular group more liberal than the average? Doesn’t it usually depend on what your local elder(bishop?) says? How old are you? Do you have a trade? Were you rebellious at an early age? Have theEnglish corrupted you? Have you read “The Riddle of Amish Culture” by Donald Kraybill? Got any good buys on a quilt? How the heck do ANY Amish teenagers manage to stay in the fold, after being exposed to the world at large?

What Jenaroph said: If you are Amish then why are you using the internet and a PC?

Where do I get a set of spinners for my buggy? I have a Hasidim hat without the fur; can I use that as an Amish hat? Is it bad form to wear my Amish hat backwards?

Hey, folks, you can ask the Amish Guy.

Just don’t expect an answer.


:smack: Walked headfirst into that one.

Well, Andy, good joke. In the future, please address all your posts to my hand.


I don’t get it. He isn’t Amish, and he isn’t going to answer any questions. Why is this funny?

Herge, we aren’t here to understand. Merely to bear witness.

Scylla, explain it to him.

Andy’s not Amish?

Lyin’ bastid. I knew you couldn’t trust the Amish.


This is so closed.

Cajun Man ~ SDMB Moderator