Ask the cheater a question.

I’ve been having a serious relationship with two women for over four years. I’m engaged to both of them right now. Neither knows about the other woman. I’m 29.

Feel free to ask questions about the situation.

Do you know you are in the wrong forum? :wink:

Are you going to have two wedding or one?

What if they do know about each other and are secretly having an affair that you don’t know about?

When will you pick up your third woman? Your fourth?

I suggest this thread be locked and perhaps the user severely warned/banned.

This is ridiculous.

It is entirely possible that one of them is doing just that. However, the other isn’t doing it…that I’m sure of.

Honestly, I WOULD try for a third woman, but I can’t figure out how to fit it into the schedule. It’s very difficult to handle two.

The whole situation produces a rush that’s incredible. It’s frightening (I oten wake up in a sweat), exciting(I might get caught), and also kinda sad (hurt feeling if they find out, etc).

I should add that I consider myself to be a deeply disturbed individual at this point. What I’m doing is indicative of a serious personality disorder that scares the heck out of me at times. Still, it’s exciting being me.

I don’t understand your problem with the thread. It’s a valid topic, no?

So busy diddling two women you couldn’t take time to read the forum descriptions, huh, Casanova?

Try this again in MPSIMS and see if they bite. This thread is closed.