Ask the guy who is pretty good at SF Story Identification

Timescape, also called Grand Tour: Disaster in Time. It was from 1992, although it certainly sounds more like a 70s movie. The movie was based on “Vintage Season”.

Nailed it. Now to find a copy.

How about a radio play of it?

“Vintage Season” has appeared in many anthologies, as can be seen here You can probably find one of those anthologies in your public library. If you wanted to buy one, I would suggest Two Handed Engine The Selected Stories of Henry Kuttner and C.L.Moore, which also contains many other excellent stories.

Thanks, I checked my local library and used book store and came up empty, although to be honest, the used bookstore is a mess, you could spent half the day in there and not be sure.

You can read Vintage Season online in this short story collection:

Ninjaed; here is another link (the Internet Archive has Astounding Science Fiction):