Ask the guy who is pretty good at SF Story Identification

From this description that sounds right

In the story, Professor Henry Mudge, by thinking about negative dimensions, comes up with “Equation C”, at which the mere sight one gains the ability to teleport just by thinking of the destination. Unfortunately, the teleportation happens whether or not you actually wish to go. Mudge has great difficulty controlling himself, but by forcing himself to work out “Equation D” he gains control.

Yes, I’m pretty sure that’s it, and it was indeed written by Hubbard. Thanks!

Now here’s me asking about someone else’s vague recollections of a SciFi novel! (Heard it on a podcast)

Jesus is an alien who’s been banished from his planet for being a criminal. He’s thrown into Earth because it’s seen as a complete backwater with no technology for him to escape. He winds up charming the locals and is able to do miracles because he’s an alien with some tech still on him. He becomes the Jesus we all know of him as, and his race is secretly monitoring him and when he willingly sacrifices his life the aliens decide to beam him back up, revive him, and now Alien Jesus becomes their new leader because it was all secretly a test to find which alien was actually the most “pure” of them all.

Thought it might be The Briefing by Randall Garrett Fantastic v18n06 (1969 08) : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive but it’s not a novel - and it doesn’t quite fit