Ask the guy whose Ambien is finally kicking in

:smiley: You can watch your mental degradation in real time in that post!

Ahhhahahahahaha! That is classic!

LOL! I know!

It ain’t “mackdonna shoehorn butterhorse” but it’s the best (worst?) I can do :smiley:

I have decided to wean myself off the Ambien. It does help me sleep, but I often have bad mornings.

Last night I did not take it and was up until 3:30. But then I slept well for 5 hours (probably would have been longer if my dog hadn’t been licking my face.) I think I have had a better day for having not taken it.

Are you in the carpet yet?

How long had you been taking the Ambien? Just curious.

The times I’ve taken it, even after one night I often have pretty bad rebound (e.g. up til 3:30, or drifting off but being in that weird nightmarish half-sleep).

At least 4 months. I’m guessing around October-ish.

Yeah, I had some half-sleep earlier in the night and then gave it up and surfed the web until I was really really tired.